You certainly get more house for your money on the west side

444 Riversville Road

444 Riversville Rd

444 Riversville Road, asking $2.050 million, reports a contract after a year. The market for homes out here is certainly much smaller than that in the eastern side, but for those who find this location convenient, there are some very decent deals available, like this one.


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13 responses to “You certainly get more house for your money on the west side

  1. Anonymous

    That’s a lot of house for your hard earned $$$.

  2. Anonymous

    A lot of property too. Nice.

  3. Anonymous

    This hideous house aside, I much prefer Riversville to many other parts of town. The “depressed” values mean many antique and otherwise tasteful homes survive maxi pad development.

  4. desidog

    Nothing screams CHEAPLY BUILT like faux clapboard siding on a chimney….it’s like the fiberglass faux stone siding was too much of an effort to order separately.

  5. Looking at the first photo of this house, I said to myself, self, this gem was built in 1990. Pretty close. 1991. The 90s ‘designs’ were NOT kind to the eye.

  6. Anonymous

    If I worked at IBM this would be a contender.

  7. Mickster

    Interesting that the owners offered $50,000 credit to any buyer at closing if they signed a fully executed contract by 11/30/15 Maybe that helped seal the deal

  8. Anonymous

    Someone needs to give that architect a bloody ruler, enough with the arch windows & the odd shaped pool Shudder.

  9. Anonymous

    This house was built in the midst of a very weak economy and housing market (1991). It has the benefit of a very low tax bill (<$12k). What's not to like?