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If my kid came back from Harvard spouting this nonsense, I’d yank her out and send her to Norwalk Community College

In an admission that its students are incapable of independent thought, Harvard University is sending them home for the holidays with plastic crib  cards to guide them through discussions of politics with their dim-witted families.

Harvard has advised students to lecture their non-Ivy-League relatives on liberal values in a bizarre set of holiday placemats to take home over Christmas.

The laminated cards raise some likely hot topics that lesser-educated family members may raise at the dinner table, then offers a suggested response.

Covering such complex issues as police brutality, racial divisions, and the Syrian war, one of the sections tells students to say: ‘Racial justice includes welcoming Syrian refugees.’

One question to be braced for is: ‘Why are black students complaining? Shouldn’t they be happy to be in college?’

In response, the worldly scholars should ‘calmly’ explain: ‘When I hear students expressing their experiences on campus I don’t hear complaining.’

Students are also told what side to take on the issue of murdered black teenager Tamir Rice in 2014 – an issue which continues to divide the country.

Harvard plaacemat

2015 tuition, room and board and fees: $81,000




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ISIS comes to Maine, or so some residents feared

Cops called when drivers spotted an “ISIS” Christmas light display. They missed the other part of the display, Santa pissing on it.

“He probably should’ve used yellow lights” for Santa’s urine, [York County Sheriff] King said.

No snow’s predicted up here until after Christmas (I blame the Koch Brothers™), so folks are casting a wide net looking for excitement.


Put this in your pipe and smoke it


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I feel the same way about him returning here


“Aloha” also means “see you soon”, damn it

Cuba says Obama is welcome to visit, but must not meddle.


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A bitter cry from the peanut gallery


Who, me?

One of our petite masters of the universe, still smarting over his purchase of a depreciating property here in town, weighs in on your humble correspondent:

This guy gets his jollies second guessing and Monday morning quarterbacking the wealthy and successful of Greenwich. He’s a lackie who thinks he plays some significant role in the lives of the wealthy. In reality he’s no different than the shoe salesman who sells shoes to the rich and famous, or the men’s room attendant at the country club.
He’s quick to criticize and get his rocks off on others misfortune or bad luck but never plays in the game. History will deal him a similar hand as career travel agents, phone operators and milk men. In reality no one needs, or cares about a real estate agent.

How come these big swinging dicks are always too frightened to post under their own name? Sort of strips them of any right to the title of BSD, no?

UPDATE: Maybe not so anonymous after all – just discovered this family Christmas Card posted by him on the web. Clearly, he has a ski condo at Okemo, so that places him where, Mid Country?

doggy style


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Shocker: Cosmopolitan calls for kids to be able to buy guns without parental consent

Backlash against Muslim terrorism, no doubt.

“Buying guns should be just as difficult as getting an abortion”


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Location, location and price

70 Riverdale

70 Riverdale Avenue

70 Riverdale Avenue unit 701, on the Port Chester border, has cut its price to $854,000 and probably still has a way to go. The owner bought it new from the builder’s broker (who needs their own representative  when the listing agent’s right there to give her opinion on value?) for full price, $899,000, in 2007, and has been trying to sell it, off and on, since 2010. Started at $949,000, back then.

These units are okay, I guess, and they’re close to beautiful downtown Port Chester and all that fair city has to offer, but they haven’t been popular since they went up.

I’ve never sold a unit here, but I have advised one or two clients to look elsewhere, based entirely on their location. But at the right price, this could work, maybe.


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Interesting securities fraud bust

Evan L. Greebel

Evan L. Greebel, Kaye Scholer

Martin Shkreli, who became infamous a couple of months in another matter, has been arrested for defrauding his investors in another company.

Shkreli, the 32-year-old CEO of KaloBios, gained notoriety in September after it was revealed that as CEO of another company, Turing Pharmaceuticals, he raised the price of a drug used to treat parasitic infections by 5,000%.

According to Bloomberg reporters Christie Smythe and Keri Geiger, however, the current charges are unrelated to those two companies.

Before Turing Pharmaceuticals, Shkreli served as CEO of the publicly traded biotech company Retrophin.

“Prosecutors charged him with illegally taking stock from Retrophin Inc., a biotechnology firm he started in 2011, and using it pay off debts from unrelated business dealings,” Smythe and Geiger report. “He was later ousted from the company, where he’d been chief executive officer, and sued by its board.”

I spent time in this field, so I’m always interested in nasty goings on down on Wall Street, but the lawyer in me is most amazed at this part of the story:

Lawyer Evan Greebel, a partner at Kaye Scholer and outside counsel to Retrophin, was arrested along with Shkreli. Kaye Scholer had no commented when contacted by Business Insider. 

“Greebel has been accused of conspiring with Shkreli in the complex shell game, authorities said.”

He’s a partner at Kaye Scholer and resorts to this? According to his resume, he’s done some huge mergers, and surely has been richly rewarded by his firm, yet here he is in handcuffs.

Reminds me of Chip Skowron: how much money is enough?

UPDATE: Attorney Greebel sports the “dragged out of bed by the feds at $30 AM” look. To be fair, no one looks their best at that hour.

Martin Shkreli, CEO Reviled for Drug Price Gouging, Arrested on Securities Fraud Charges

Martin Shkreli, chief executive officer of Turing Pharmaceuticals LLC, center, and attorney Evan Greebel, left, exit federal court in New York, U.S., on Thursday, Dec. 17, 2015. Shkreli was arrested on alleged securities fraud related to Retrophin Inc., a biotech firm he founded in 2011. Greebel is accused of conspiring with Shkreli in part of the scheme. Photographer: John Taggart/Bloomberg *** Local Caption *** Martin Shkreli; Evan Greebel


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Fly away with me

Man dies after being sucked into jet’s engine.

Man riding on top of a jet plane

Hell, buy a ticket, man


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There’s so much to hate about Congress, as we see in the budget bill, but here’s one reason

Coverage of the budget bill passed yesterday limits itself to brief highlights because there are sometime like 1,780 pages to wade through (remember Obama Care?) but the WSJ has one throw away line that’s especially worrisome: 

In exchange for lifting the oil ban, the deal would adopt environmental and renewable measures that Democrats want. These include extending wind and solar tax credits, reauthorizing a conservation fund for three years and excluding any measures that block major administration environmental regulations.

For some time, it’s been clear, to me at least, that Obama is determined to load up the law with massive regulations on the environment that will long outlast his administration and hold up development for decades, as litigants use them to stall projects in court. This particular item seems to indicate that the Republicans will not try to kill those proposed regulations and thus give Obama unfettered power to set the course for the country for a long time to come.

That’s probably not a good idea.

UPDATE: Democrats are gloating over their triumph in this matter. Here’s a partial list of what they stripped from the bill.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 9.15.09 AM


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In a world with global warming, all things are possible


  • “Earth May Spin Faster as Glaciers Melt”—headline, Discovery.com, Dec. 14
  • “Melting Glaciers, Rising Sea Level Slow Down Earth’s Rotation”—headline, CBC.ca, Dec. 11

By my count, every single ill in the world, and plenty of imaginary ones, is now attributed to a single God, that devil global warming. Religionists from the Church of the Holy Mother Gaia have now blamed the devil for: earthquakes, blizzards, lack if snow, late leaf color in New England, hurricanes, droughts, warm winters, cold winters, loss of sex drive, world war and, possibly, the continued popularity of Real Housewives.

If this is “science”, they can keep it.


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