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When governments fail in their basic duties


He’s got a Mauser – his fellow citizens are going modern

Like protecting the lives and property of law abiding citizens, the people will take matters into their own hands.

Gun sales soar in Sweden, home to the refugee.

Known as a bastion of liberalism and tolerance in a pre-manufactured multicultural society, Sweden is seeing the first signs of a culture breaking down.

Official law enforcement statistics show a significant surge in violence in Sweden even before the massive influx of 190,000 refugees in 2015. Sweden has been importing Muslim immigrants into its major cities for decades, and parts of Stockholm, Trelleborg and Malmo have taken on a new, distinctively Middle Eastern look and feel. Sexual assaults, killings and gang activity are all on the rise.

But the flood of new refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and North Africa in 2015 has been a wake-up call for many Swedes, who are now getting armed, reports Ingrid Carlqvist for Gatestone Institute.

Carlqvist says Sweden has become, not a police state, but a “nightwatchman state – every man is on his own.”

“And the Swedes are preparing: demand for firearms licenses is increasing; more and more Swedes are joining shooting clubs and starting vigilante groups. … According to police statistics, there are 1,901,325 licensed guns, owned by 567,733 people, in Sweden.”

Add to this an unknown number of illegal weapons. To get a gun permit in Sweden, you need to be at least 18 years old, law-abiding, well-behaved, and have a hunting license or be a member of an approved shooting club. In 2014, 11,000 people got hunting licenses: 10 percent more than the year before. One out of five was a woman.

It is illegal for a civilian in Sweden to carry a firearm, unless for a specific, legal purpose, such as hunting or attending shooting ranges, according to the website Sweden.org.

Guns must by law be stored in an approved safe. And to transport firearms, there are also rules. “The general regulations are that the gun must be unloaded, hidden and transported in a safe and secure way under supervision,” the website says.

But even with these restrictions, increasing numbers of people are willing to go through the red tape necessary to get a gun.

If, as gun control advocates admit, their ultimate goal is the confiscation of all guns and the disarming of the citizenry, they’re in for a bloody battle. And not just from the NRA “kooks” they so deride. Confiscate 350 million guns from 330 million people? I think not.



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Speaking of children, can we please stop with this “shattered lives” meme?


In your dreams

This week’s female teacher sexing students is from Texas .

Miss Haeli Wey, 28, taught math at Westlake High School in Austin, Texas until she resigned in October of this year, reports the Austin American-Statesman.

Both the students were 17 years old at the time of the trysts. Wey was 27.

Wey met one of the students this past summer through a student ministry program. He told police that he and Wey had sex 10 or so times during August and September. The math teacher also sent him photos of herself wearing next to nothing and actually nothing, investigators say.

School district superintendent Tom Leonard described the allegations of sex — and lewd photo correspondence — between the 17-year-old male students and the 27-year-old math teacher as “shocking and upsetting.”

Students who did not participate in any sexual activity or receive nude photos may need therapy to recover from the trauma of learning about it, he said.

“Due to the nature of this situation, our counseling staff at all campuses is ready to provide support to students,” Leonard said.

There are 17-year-olds fighting in Afghanistan and serving in our military around the world. Every single modern American boy has viewed, on average, 6,713 hours and 33 seconds of pornography by his 16th birthday, and those who are still virgins at 17, while far more numerous than girls at that age, constitute a minuscule minority. Kids this age can handle this.I absolutely refuse to believe that dorking a 27-year-old hottie is some sort of life shattering experience for any boy (I’d say the same thing about girls, but I understand society’s double standard on this and as a parent, I agree).

But counseling for those boys who didn’t get a blow job from Miss WeY? For what, an inferiority complex? A feeling of deep resentment and anger?

No wey.


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Finally, a practical approach to the modern student


Blame Bush

Giving up hope on seeing their petulant infants grow up, the University of Missouri has moved to protect them by banning “adultism”, defined, so far as I can see, as criticizing 20-year-olds for childish behavior.

The guide also includes the term “minoritized,” which it defines as “when underrepresented groups are made to feel ‘less than.’” Neither “adultism” nor “minoritized” can be found in Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary.

Mizzou students are also encouraged to learn the term “cultural appropriation,” which the guide defines as “taking and benefiting from the expression, ideas, artifacts, etc. of another culture without permission.”

Reached for comment, Yale President Parker Salovey told FWIW, “well those words are new to me, but as a white-privileged individual, that’s hardly surprising. I’m being sent to a Cuban community farm over Christmas by our school’s  Gay Lesbian Negro Martian League, and I’m sure I’ll come back with an even deeper understanding of the vocabulary of the oppressed and the hell they endure here in New Haven. But thank you for bringing this critical issue to my attention.”

Anything we can do to help, Parker.


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Be careful out there


Die, mother f***ker

Just days after  a Saudi was acquitted of rape after testifying that he “slipped” and somehow his dick ended up in the girl, a Colorado cop says he slipped on the ice and accidentally shot an unarmed suspect.


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So what’s the crime, consumer fraud? Do you have a right to expect purity in your illicit drug?


The makers of “Flatrazor Doggie Treats”almost certainly faked this picture of the effect of its product on its consumers (I’m particularly skeptical that his dentures really popped out of his mouth and clamped onto that frisbee, for instance), so why aren’t THEY in jail?

Wisconsin woman arrested for selling dog food as heroin and asprin as percocet.

A Wisconsin woman has been charged after reportedly crushing up dog food and selling it as heroin.

Megan Meyer, 22, allegedly sold the substance, as well as an aspirin she claimed was painkiller Percocet, to a police informant last month.

A criminal complaint indicated Meyer met with a police informant on Nov. 18 and handed over the suspicious substances, reported Fox 6 News.

In turn, the informant gave police a Ziploc bag that included “a folded-up piece of aluminum foil and a yellow round pill with no visible markings.”

Court documents state when investigators tested the substances, they turned up negative results.

So what’s the big deal? She’s obviously not going to develop a repeat business peddling kibble, and if a pill junkie ingests aspirin, it will only help his headache, so thank you ma’am.

Cops have no sense of humor.


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The NYT could help them with that

While Russia is busy air-brushing Stalin’s legacy and transforming him into the great dancer so few people knew he was, the NYT editors are protecting the Obama image even as he screws it up.


In his meeting with the columnists, Mr. Obama indicated that he did not see enough cable television to fully appreciate the anxiety after the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, and made clear that he plans to step up his public arguments. Republicans were telling Americans that he is not doing anything when he is doing a lot, he said.

…Or the fact that at least at the moment, it’s since been expunged from the Times’ article, even though it was quoted last night by blogger Tom Maguire, the Washington Post’s Erik Wemple, the Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto, and CNN’s Brian Stelter. And it was in the Google cache as of last night as well.

At the Federalist, Sean Davis notes that in addition to memory holing the passage that President Chauncey Gardner blew off TV watching during those events, “The unexplained deletion of that major passage wasn’t the only significant change made to the story since it was first published. New York Times editors also changed the story’s headline four separate times, according to Newsdiffs.org. Each headline revision either put Obama in a better light or put the GOP in a worse one.”

And as Davis adds, the Times tried to claim that their deletion of Chauncey Gardner’s lack of TV watching was removed for space requirements, not as a favor to the administration (and Hillary, its would-be successor). “The section that was removed contained 66 words. The section that was added in its place contained 116 words. If the New York Times was indeed ‘trimming for space’ in that particular revision, it will need to explain why its revision to that section added 50 words.”

Exit quote from Ace. “The only question is: What was he watching on TV instead of news about the terrorist attacks? I know he was watching TV, because this is one TV-watchin’ motherf***er.“



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