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UConn’s budget: “The cupboard is bare” – really?


Oh bullshit

U Conn trustees have voted to hike tuition 31% over the next four years.

Before the trustees voted, UConn President Susan Herbst said the tuition increase is necessary to close what will be at least a $40.2 million budget deficit next year.

“We must also maintain our academic quality for the long term while closing those deficits,” Herbst said. “… “when it comes to UConn’s finances, it’s not “an either/or question.”

“The reality is that we need to increase tuition and cut costs simultaneously in order to generate the resources needed to protect academic quality and student outcomes,” Herbst said.

[W]e must bear this in mind: No university cuts its way to success,” Herbst added. “No university strengthens academics by slashing academic budgets … That is what we are seeking to avoid.”

[UConn budget chief Scott Jordan] chimed in:

“Not hiring faculty is not going to make us better. Closing academic programs is not going to make us better.”

I was just a teensy bit skeptical about both these administrators’ claims – they reminded me of Nancy Pelosi’s improbably boast that there isn’t “a nickel to be spared” in the federal budget”, so I thought to browse through the university’s Course catalogue, just to see if I couldn’t spot a few courses that could be dropped and their faculty fired without any noticeable harm done to the institution. Herewith, a few random courses that probably meet that criteria. I’ve linked to the entire catalogue so that readers can peruse it all.

3042. Baseball and Society: Politics, Economics, Race and Gender

Baseball in historical, political, sociological, and economic contexts. Topics may include: impact on individuals and families; racial discrimination and integration; labor relations; urbanization; roles of women; treatment of gay athletes; and implications of performance-enhancing drugs.

3505. White Racism

The origin, nature, and consequences of white racism as a central and enduring social principle around which the United States and other modern societies are structured and evolve. CA 4.

3568. Hip-Hop, Politics and Youth Culture in America

History of hip-hop, its musical antecedents and its role in popular culture. Race, class, and gender are examined as well as hip-hop’s role in popular political discourse.

3622. History of Gender and Sexuality in Latin America and the Caribbean

Topics may include: empire and colonialism/anti-colonialism; slavery, science, and the state; cultural practices and institutions; feminisms and masculinities; law and public policies; immigration; forms of labor and political mobilization; sex and reproduction; and human rights from historical perspective.

3652. Black Feminist Politics

An introduction to major philosophical and theoretical debates at the core of black feminist thought, emphasizing the ways in which interlocking systems of oppression uphold and sustain each other.

3321. Latinas and Media

The role of ethnicity and race in women’s lives. Special attention to communication research on ethnic and racial minority women. CA 4.

3450. Gender and Communication

Differences in male/female communication, and an examination of cultural assumptions regarding gender in the communication process. Critically analyze the theory, politics and practice of communication and gender.

4320. Media and Special Audiences

Media content and audience responses. Ethnic, racial, and gender issues in mainstream and ethnic media. Special audiences include Latina/os, African Americans, Asian Americans, Women, Gays, and Lesbians.

Women’s Gender Studies (the entire department)

Political Science

3082. Critical Race Theory as Political Theory

Interdisciplinary scholarship on racial identity, legal decisions, and political action from the perspective of political science and political theory. Topics include interactions between states and social movements, the intersections of race, class, gender, and membership, and the problems with both post-racialism and identity politics.

3202. Comparative Political Parties and Electoral Systems

3209. Sustainable Energy in the 21st Century

Political, socioeconomic, environmental, science and engineering challenges of energy sources; comparison of feasibility and sustainability of energy policies around the world.

3210. Ethnic Conflict and Democracy in Comparative Perspective

Conflicts among ethno-national groups in democratic and democratizing states and conflict management strategies. Theoretical approaches to understanding origin-of-identity conflicts.

3210W. Ethnic Conflict and Democracy in Comparative Perspective

3212. Comparative Perspectives on Human Rights

Cultural difference and human rights in areas of legal equality, women’s rights, political violence, criminal justice, religious pluralism, global security, and race relations.

3216. Women in Political Development

How women and gender circumscribe political life and generate relationships of inequality and justice on a global scale. Topics may include conflict and security, development, human rights and legal systems, labor and migration, nation building, political economy, and transnational justice.

3218. Indigenous Peoples’ Politics and Rights

Governments, political behavior, human rights and constitutional rights of indigenous peoples of North America and Latin America. Impact of international law and globalization on indigenous peoples.

3237W. Democratic Culture and Citizenship in Latin America [is there one? – Ed]

3239. Politics of the Environment and Development

Politics of the environment and development with a focus on environmental issues in developing countries.

3247. Gender and War

Gender aspects of war. Masculinities and militaries; gender-based war violence; laws of war and post-war conditions for male and female soldiers and civilians.

3255. Politics of South Africa

Internal development of the South African state and the external response to apartheid policies, with special attention to both white and African politics, U.S. policy, and other selected topics.

3256. Politics and Human Rights in Global Supply Chains

Political and human rights implications of regulating contemporary global supply chains: official regulatory frameworks; non-regulatory approaches to rule-making (such as voluntary corporate codes of conduct and industry standards); social responses to the dilemmas of “ethical” sourcing of goods and services.

3412. Global Environmental Politics

Politics of how humans and natural systems interact. Managing the global environment, regulating resource commons, and coordinating to solve environmental problems.

3428. The Politics of Torture

Examination of the usage of torture by state and non-state actors. Questions include, “Why is torture perpetrated?” “What domestic and international legal frameworks and issues related to the use of torture?” “How effective are existing legal prohibitions and remedies?” “Who tortures?” and “How does torture affect transitional justice?”

3618. Politics of Inequality

Relationship between democracy and inequality. Economic inequality and its causes, poverty, public opinion, inequalities in political voice and representation, public policy, the role of money in politics.

3633. Race and Policy

Examination of contemporary public policy through the lens of race.

3642. African-American Politics

Political behavior, theory, and ideology of African-Americans, with emphasis on contemporary U.S. politics. CA 4.

3652. Black Feminist Politics

An introduction to major philosophical and theoretical debates at the core of black feminist thought, emphasizing the ways in which interlocking systems of oppression uphold and sustain each other.

3662. Latino Political Behavior

Latino politics in the United States. Political histories of four different Latino populations: Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Central American. Different forms of political expressions, ranging from electoral behavior to political art. CA 4.

3667. Puerto Rican Politics and Culture

Legal and political history of the relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States with an emphasis on the question of United States empire and the politics of cultural resistance.

3672. Women and Politics

An introduction to feminist thought, the study of women as political actors, the feminist movement and several public policy issues affecting women.


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Well we knew this all along, and were singing about it way back when

Don’t know why they took so long to come to grips with it, but scientists now acknowledge that Hitler had only one big ball.


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