1,948 days on the market and still counting

23 Cliffdale Road, off Riversville, has been relisted after its last listing expired last week. It’s still asking $5.595 million, which at least is an improvement on its first price, way back in 2007, of $9.995 million.

I’ve shown this property several times over that period, to potential buyers interested in building on its beautiful 9 + acres. Two problems, besides its location on the western side of town: the price, and the 9 car “car barn” the current owners erected in 2007 smack dab in the best location for a house, killing a magnificent view. The barn could be moved, but the prospect of doing that, or tearing down such a huge structure that must have cost a small fortune to build (it has a basketball court, guest accommodations, fireplace, and so forth) just seemed too wasteful.

So here it sits, still. It will eventually sell, surely, but when?

23 cliffdale

Car Barn at 23 Cliffdale Road



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7 responses to “1,948 days on the market and still counting

  1. Anonymous

    I guess you could always renovate the garage and make it into a proper residence, you just won’t have a basement. That shouldn’t be too difficult. I guess if you are looking to drop 5 bucks on land then you probably want to build something to your liking. CF – can property be subdivided? Perhaps you can arbitrage this a bit.

  2. Anonymous

    a 9 car garage with a 2bdrm apartment and an indoor basketball gym on top?

    i’d say that owner has his priorities 100% on target. if i had that kind of money to spend, i’d buy that in a blink of an eye.

  3. deleted

    Isn’t that part of the old Mead property?

  4. Matt

    I read that as Cat Barn…time for a nap…