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Liquor company announces move to Stamford, and Malloy cheers the 100  jobs it will bring.

“We continue to attract and retain companies like never before – and this is another example of our progress,” Malloy said, in a news release. “We’d like to welcome Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits to Connecticut.”

Malloy’s effusive comments struck me as at odds with his previous statements concerning gun manufacturers leaving the state: “good riddance”, essentially, so I thought to look up who exactly are our merchants of death here in the Nutmeg state, and whether Malloy welcomes their continued presence.

There were an average of  94  gun homicides in Connecticut in the years 2006-2010. 

During that same period, 2006-2010, 835 people died of alcohol-related diseases in Connecticut. Nine times as many deaths as caused by guns.

As for Connecticut’s largest export, Oxycodone, manufactured by Stamford’s Purdue/Pharma, “How the American opiate epidemic was started by one pharmaceutical company” it’s a national blight, killing tens of thousands of Americans per year.

The prescription narcotic painkiller oxycodone killed more Floridians in 2009 than ever before, according to a report from medical examiners under the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

The examiners’ report says oxycodone caused 1,185 state deaths in 2009, a 26 percent increase from 2008 and a horrifying 249 percent increase in just the past four years.

Small wonder that demands for more effective Florida oxycodone detox and OxyContin treatment have never been higher. Oxycodone is the active opioid ingredient in the notoriously addictive and deadly narcotic painkiller OxyContin, which has been implicated in record-high death statistics not just across Florida, but across the nation.

Far from shunning this pill peddler, Malloy has joined it – he appointed  its corporate counsel as his first chief of staff, and has accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Sackler family (Field Point Circle)’s old Pharma money – Jonathan Sackler, for instance, is a director of the company.

There’s nothing particularly wrong about favoring some merchants of death over others based on their campaign contributions, I suppose, but it would be nice if our governor weren’t quite so sanctimonious about it.

UPDATE: New data from the CDC show alcohol causes 9.6 deaths per hundred thousand (that’s over 30,000 deaths, and doesn’t include another 14,000 lost in drunk driving accidents). Guns are at 2.7 per 100,000.




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12 responses to “Nothing like perspective

  1. Anonymous

    At the end of the day, drugs and all the problems they bring, keep government workers on the payroll in many different capacities. This is one of the reasons why the Dems, love drugs and alcohol. As you noted, forget the rhetoric from Malloy and his ilk, just follow the money. .

  2. Anonymous

    Malloy has made so many huge companies leave Connecticut i.e. GE!!!!! He’s delusional like Obama!

  3. Anonymous

    As clueless as ever… Hope you don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back Danny Boy you asshole….

    • Maitre d'Oyer et Terminer

      Not so much clueless as grasping at whatever straws he can. Outside the hypocrites of his party’s leadership he is mostly despised now having done NOTHING to improve the economic conditions of his voter base. Barry of course likes him, especially for his recent proclamation announcing his intention to eviscerate CT gun-owners elemental due process rights by applying the FBI’s woefully defective “terror watch list” to all gun purchases and pistol permit holders in the state. Who knew that “proggies” hate due process so much?

  4. Riverside

    This company was already essentially here. This is the guy who built the huge house on Pilot Rock in Habor Point in Riverside.

  5. Riverside Dog Walker

    I wonder if they got tax incentives to move to CT. If the governor announces something related to a piddly 100 jobs, I expect so.

  6. Anonymous

    Continued derangement syndrome. Now he brings jobs to the state and they aren’t of the caliber you want? I did not realize the “conservative” mindset was to judge which jobs are worthy, and which ones are not. And how many jobs too is now an issue. A “piddling” amount of jobs? What is enough to make you happy?. Which drug jobs do you want to stay, and which go? The jobs that only touch non-narcotic pills can stay? Try telling that to the pharmaceutical company, that rule is harder to figure out than the tax code you lambaste. And please do not reply by saying the jokers that call themselves Republicans in Connecticut are the panacea

    However……you are right that Purdue Pharma is the biggest streetcorner drug dealer in the world, slinging death. And that alcohol is an even bigger addiction. through our vibrant gambling industry into the mix and Connecticut looks like the land of steady sins. Just goes to show, it isn’t so easy as you would like it to be, so I suppose the derangement fills that void

    • Please reread the post – or heck, read it a first time – and come back with a report on its meaning.

    • Riverside Dog Walker

      Yawn. Wake me up when the governor announces a move to the state of a company the size of RBS or UBS, or a smaller company with high numbers of well compensated employees (like Bridgewater Asssociates) who will seek to relocate to the state. I doubt any of these 100 people who now work in White Plains are going to move to CT just because their job moves to Stamford. Nor do I think corporate and personal income taxes on this company or their 100 employees in this line of work will have any impact on the state’s finances. This company is essentially a small business, NTTAWWT. That is why I don’t see why the governor even noticed this move, unless he essentially paid for these jobs with tax incentives. And we know how that always works out.

  7. Fatdaddy

    Another example of Danny Malloy pissing away your tax dollars and increasing state debt.
    The terms are basically…move here and we will pay you.
    $5M 10 yr 2% loan.
    $4M “forgiven” if the 100 jobs are retained for a whopping two years.
    $1M Balance “forgiven” if 115 jobs retained for two years.

    • Fatdaddy

      Can’t wait to find out how much money Dan wasted to “lure” Cara Therapeutics to move from Shelton to Stamford. More of your tax dollars being pissed away by the state.