There was a time – during Barack Obama’s reign, for instance, when politicians’ children were considered off limits to the press

But that was before a “white Hispanic” like Cruz was available as a target. The Washington Post, which should know better, published this earlier this week:


Ted takes Malia and Natasha for a walk



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25 responses to “There was a time – during Barack Obama’s reign, for instance, when politicians’ children were considered off limits to the press

  1. Cos Cobber

    Wow, the cartoonist couldn’t be more wrong. And to use monkeys, really?

  2. Cos Cobber

    Btw, you are pretty much a no talent cartoonist if the best idea you have is to skip issues and go with personal attacks. The Republican campaign process is rich with topics. To go personal just shows total resentment and hatred on the part of the illustrator.

  3. Flash

    Why did Cruz use his daughters in his campaign ad?
    Just asking

    • Well politicians have used their own children in ads for decades, if not longer, but here’s a recent example that you may recognize:

      • Flash

        So why did Obama use his daughters?
        What is the hook?

        • Are you seriously baffled by why politicians use children in ads? It humanizes them, for one thing, it tells the voters that they’re lovable family men and just the guy to trust with the welfare of the nation. I’ll leave it to you to come up with additional reasons, but it’s fair to say Obama didn’t place his daughters in the picture solely for identification purposes.
          Picture this as a cartoon, with Obama having a couple of chimps on his back.

      • Peg

        Yes, I really can’t think of a politician who doesn’t have their children appear with them in ads. But – if anyone at all were to create a similar cartoon about Obama’s daughters, everyone would be up in arms – and frankly, rightly so.

        At least the Wa Po had the decency to say that they should have reviewed the cartoon better, and it was not appropriate for publication. The execrable cartoonist, however, is standing by her vulgar, insulting creation.

    • Why not? He has a great family.

  4. Publius

    I am fairly certain that if I submitted a cartoon (gif) to WaPo featuring the prophet Muhammad in an unflattering light, it would not see the light of day. However, given that the Progressive crowd views Republicans as terrorists, cartoons like those depicted get the green light. No surprise that the media as an institution is under water in the opinion of the great unwashed….

  5. Anonymous

    This is just the beginning…my assumption is that the main stream media will drop its thin veil of objective reporting in next year’s election. They will come out in full force to destroy the Republican candidate in ways you have not seen before. Mark my words. It will be ugly and not flattering to the country, whose open press is still the envy in some of parts of the world.

    • Peg

      Anon, you nailed it.

      I recall learning about “Yellow Journalism” as a child. Sometimes I think that today’s press has taken the concept to new heights. (Or, is “new lows” really the proper phrase?)

    • DTrain

      It’s the end of the end for the traditional media of yore. Having been beaten and battered and out-competed the last decade, they’ve become reactionary and desperate looking for a path that allows them to survive. Can anyone see them in existence in a decade? The world is moving on. Like AOL dial up, they’re a relic. Soon enough, people will say remember when … And we’ll all laugh and feel old that we can remember way way back.

      Think of the vitrol towards Conservatives as being similar to the machinations of an old man whose life has passed him by. They are bitter and grumpy that things aren’t like the good old days and they vent on Republicans.

    • the rude one

      That thin veil left the planet with Elvis and polite society many moons ago. You are absolutely delusional if you think anyone envies our national press. In addition to being the PR arm of the Progressive movement, it is a national disgrace and a laughingstock that is mocked by people all over the world. Our “journalists” spend most of their time covering celebrity stories or fawning over rich people. I do agree with you regarding the media sicking their dogs on the republicans next year. The great unwashed know that it is a joke so hopefully they continue to disregard the propaganda and brainwashing that the media is sending their way. Our coastal elites need to figure this out too but it will be much harder for them to come to their senses. They live in a bubble and enjoy the boot-licking and celebrity worship much more than they would ever admit to.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. It goes beyond the MSM to other media platforms that will aggressively promote Hillary and destroy her opponent…platforms such as Saturday Night Live, all of the late night shows, movies, Facebook (I can’t believe how many of my progressive friends now use FB as their megaphone), Etc.

  6. Walt

    Dude –

    Just another prime example of “progressive” liberal hypocrisy. Push “political correctness” at all costs, but ignore it when it doesn’t suit your needs. Preach tolerance, but practice intolerance to anyone who opposes your point of view. Push diversity, while claiming we are all the same.

    They are blinded by hate, and can’t see they are the most bigoted, intolerant, hypocritical, racist people on earth. They have no faith in humanity, and feel people are incapable of making their own decisions. But worst of all, they seek to DESTROY anyone they see as a threat. Ruin their lives and careers. And have no shame in doing so. So why should they care about children of those who disagree with them?

    Having said that, I wish them a Merry Christmas. Or Happy Chanukkah!! Or whatever it is that makes them happy.

    Your Pal,

  7. Peg

    Another example of “different strokes for different folks” (so to speak).

    “Schlong” at NPR – fine and dandy! By Trump? Most Disgusting and Insulting Thing Evah……

  8. Anonymous

    Chris – -your comment above saying there’d be an outcry if that Change ad was turned into a cartoon with monkeys is spot on. This is worse than a double standard. Another example that the purpose of media/journalism is gone. They are no longer the unbiased reporter of facts and have not been for a long time.

    • the rude one

      Our country has turned into a cartoon with monkeys and the outcry you are hearing is why The Donald will be our next President.

  9. The media’s bias in favor of Democrats is blatant, but it is not new.
    The media crucified Barry Goldwater in 1964: remember the girl and the daisy? As for Nixon in 1968 and 1972: fuggedaboudit. Reagan? The press loved to remind you how old and out of touch he was. (Not as old as Trump, by the way). Clinton v. Bush 41? Remember Bush 41’s great bumper sticker: “Annoy the media. Support George Bush!” The media loved Clinton, and LOVES the great Obama. Print media is a dinosaur staggering into the tar pits. The more they stagger, the more they are biased. But the bias is extreme, and the alternative media is tiny: do you know any others besides the WSJ editorial page, Fox News and Rush?

    Do you remember two weeks from Bush 43’s election in November 2000, when that dinky newspaper near Kennebunkport published the story of W’s DUI back in college? They held that little turd of a story for months and decided to publish it with about 10 days to go in an attempt to swing the election to Gore. They didn’t bother to say that by 2000, GWB hadn’t had a single drink in years, since HE HAD GIVEN UP ALCOHOL COMPLETELY MORE THAN A DECADE BEFORE!

    All’s fair in the media takedown of conservatives……
    Your media is busted, example # 558,280.

    • the rude one

      Brett Stephens is merely a water boy for the rhino’s (and a closet liberal). He would not know what Goldwater conservatism was if it hit him in the head with a two by four. The system is broken. VOTE FOR TRUMP!

  10. LAK

    The media destroyed Chelsea Clinton’s “awkward age” when she was a tween.