A small Christmas lagniappe to start the day

Scientists are still trying to figure out “ear worms”: those obnoxious songs that enter your head and won’t leave for hours, even days.

One part of the puzzle: “The study suggested those with neuroticism and small levels of obsessive compulsion will be invaded by earworms more often and for a longer period of time.”

True cruelty would suggest we insert “Santa Baby” in here, but who wants to completely ruin someone’s day? Instead, we’ll go for just a morning of torture.


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4 responses to “A small Christmas lagniappe to start the day

  1. okay, so maybe i ruin only half the day:

  2. AJ Nock

    Sammy was one of the great Jews of our time.

  3. Patrishka

    My sister had it. I have it. And in her memory I say this to you, Mr. Fountain: Feliz Navidad. Let that roll around for a little bit. She and I used to do this to one another – whether in person, by phone, or heck, by US mail – every year.

  4. housecat

    Damnit man. That song is now stuck in my head. Grrrr.