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You can’t fight Darwin

Here's a twofer

Here’s a two-fer

San Diego: Man walks off cliff to his death while talking on cellphone.

This gene pool improvement program is already at work in NYC, where a study this year found that 50% of all pedestrians completely ignore crossing lights while using their phones, and another 28% are “distracted’.

Keep up the good work, and we’ll regain our streets – and cliffs.


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Why not assign 1,000 of their white, privileged male students to manual labor and replace them with local residents? Black lives matter!

Yale pledges to hire 1,000 local residents as construction workers and maids. Why should these oppressed people do manual labor for the oppressor class?

Yale has made a modest start in this direction by hiring a black activist as a professor – his only qualification for a professorship is that he is indeed, a black activist, but so what? Doesn’t his experience as a direct descendant of a slave 350 years ago trump the product of white privilege? Of course it does, just as the experience of the thousands of uneducated ghetto denizens trumps that of prep school grads and all the other pampered whites currently occupying Yale’s campus. Those very students admit it themselves, so move over and move out.


“I can’t fuckin’ believe it – from professional Black Man to Yale!” DeRay McKesson will teach “Transformational Leadership in the #BlackLivesMatter Movement,” the first section of a three-section leadership course. Yale sophomore Aryssa Damron said this morning on “Fox and Friends” that Yale is bringing “professional protesters” to campus instead of “real professors.” She noted that the other teachers at the Divinity School are reverends and senators, “yet we have this random Twitter star who’s teaching a course just because Beyoncé follows him on Twitter.”



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Irony: a third world country addresses its energy needs while American “greens” won’t. Who’s doing the most good?


View from the Greenpeace moon beam

Bangladesh orders two nuclear power plants from Russia.

Bangladesh’s state-run Atomic Energy Commission signed a deal with Russia on Friday to set up two nuclear power plants, each with 1,200 megawatt capacity, an investment totaling $12.65 billion, a government official said.

Work will begin early next year at Ruppur in Iswardi, 160 km (100 miles) from Dhaka, said Kamrul Islam Bhyian, spokesman for the ministry of science and technology.

“Russia will finance up to 90 percent of the total cost as credit with an interest rate of Libor plus 1.75 percent,” Bhyian told Reuters.

Bangladesh will clear the total loan within 28 years with a 10-year grace period.

Bangladesh finance minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith said it would be the country’s biggest power project.

The first power plant is expected to begin operating by 2022 and the second by 2023.

The official said the plant would use a new generation reactor that has a lifespan of 60 years with an option of extending it for 20 years.

Those crafty Bangladeshies understand that they need energy to lift their people out of poverty and to sustain economic growth, and also understand that they can’t wait for magical unicorns and windmills to appear and help them out. American greens are too sophisticated to grasp that.

We could have had safe, incredibly efficient integral fast  reactors up and running right now, and our CO2 emissions would have been cut by 75%. No nuclear waste to dispose, no way to use them them to produce weapons. Unfortunately for the world, or at least that portion of it that consider’s CO2 production to be “the greatest threat to our security that exists” (that would be the current occupant of the White House, and the warmist horde), Bill Clinton and his Democrats killed development of such reactors in 1994.

NASA’s chief warmest alarmist, Jim Hansen, has been calling for more nuclear power plants for years, and did so again as recently as two weeks ago. According to Scientific American:

James Hansen, former NASA climate scientist, and three other prominent climate scientists are calling for an enlarged focus on nuclear energy in the ongoing Paris climate negotiations.

“Nuclear, especially next-generation nuclear, has tremendous potential to be part of the solution to climate change,” Hansen said during a panel discussion yesterday. “The dangers of fossil fuels are staring us in the face. So for us to say we won’t use all the tools [such as nuclear energy] to solve the problem is crazy.”

He was joined by Tom Wigley, a climate scientist at the University of Adelaide; Ken Caldeira, a climate scientist at the Carnegie Institution for Science; and Kerry Emanuel, a professor of atmospheric science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Their stance clashes with those of environmental groups such as Greenpeace that advocate against nuclear energy.

We can have meaningless rhetoric from the likes of Robert “No windmills spoiling my summer home’s view” Kennedy, or we can have energy; not both.


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