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Liberals flock to vacationland while natives flee

Rahm Emanuel reluctantly cuts short his vacation to Cuba, where he’s been soaking in the sights of the colorful people of Cuba while his city burns, while

More Cubans fleeing for the US than ever before.

“For tourists Cuba is beautiful. But for us living there, it’s so hard.”

Joel, 29, agreed. A chemist by trade, he arrived in Miami a month ago and is still waiting for his American work permit. But he was confident things would be better.

“I earned a good salary in Cuba – $20 a month,” he said. “But here I can send money back to my mum and build a future for me.”

Code Pink does havana

Code Pink tours Havana, November 2015. They weren’t there to press for an increase in the minimum wage.


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Stallion Trail contract

11 Stallion Trail

11 Stallion Trail

11 Stallion Trail reports a contract. Last asking price was $2.950 million, though I’m guessing it’s going for less than that, and significantly below its opening price last April of $4.849 million. The owners paid $2.3 for it in 1987.

Stallion Trail has never been one of my favorite streets, but it is certainly convenient to the Merritt, and just six miles down North Street to the top of Greenwich Avenue. The listing claims that the house was “renovated” in 2015, although, as the house was on the market most of the year, I wouldn’t think all that much renovation was accomplished.

Designed by Norman Jaffe, an architect known in the 1970s and 80s for his Long Island beach houses, and whose last public appearance on this earth was made by his pelvic bone, which washed up on a Southhampton beach in 1993.



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Oceania is not, and has never been, at war with Eurasia

Damn, we're good!

Damn, we’re good!

State Department claims that under John Kerry’s leadership and Obama’s strong, guiding hand, we have brought peace to Syria.

That’s great news, of course. Can we now stop admitting that country’s refugees?


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Old Greenwich contract

54 Shore road

54 Shore Road

54 Shore Road (towards Stamford), listed 12/21/2015, reports a contingent contract. $2.765 million.

UPDATE: Or not – seems to be just a reshuffling of ownership entities, but if so, why is it on the MLS? Beats me.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 2.33.52 PM.png


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I wonder if the Paris warmists took this into their CO2 calculations?

cow patties

Fresh delivery

On line sellers of cow patties are witnessing booming demand as nostalgic city dwellers bring back the fuel of their youth. Jeffrey Bozo, official spokesman for Amazon India, told FWIW that, for now, the company has no plans for importing the patties to the US. “Too much competition from horse shit here,” Bozo said, “what with Washington in session and the presidential campaign heating up. Besides, we’ve been warned by our Vice President of multi-cultural values and sensitivity that, as a white-owned business, we’d be guilty of cultural appropriation.

“Still, the stuff is organic, so if we don’t sell it, you know Whole Foods will.”



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24 Lower Cross Road sells

24 Lower Cross

24 Lower Cross Road

$5.250 million, on a final asking price of $5.750 million (never hurts to offer less). Very nice house on 10 acres, but it started at $7.8 million many, many moths ago (early 2014), and that was just too much for property that, while technically “in Conyers Farm”, as the listing says, is actually beyond the pale (in the original sense of that term).


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Barney Fife goes Interpol


Armed and dangerous, to someone

Hysterical article here on local cops playing international super sleuths by running a sting (well, trying to run) on Venezuelan drug cartels. No relevance to anything else, but very funny. Also very reminiscent of our country’s own Attorney General Eric Holder and his “Fast and Furious” gun running operation, except that these guys didn’t have the president to cover for them,

Miami Herald


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