I foresee a surge in the sale of bedsheets in every European border town.


Looks like just another A-Rab to me, but if it works …

And if it works there, maybe along the Rio Grande too. Refugees in Sweden terrified by ghosts in shelter, seek other accommodations. 


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9 responses to “I foresee a surge in the sale of bedsheets in every European border town.

  1. Let’s try some Slim Whitman on ’em and see if we can get a similar effect

  2. CatoRenasci

    You do understand, historian that you are, that the use of bedsheets to convince, uhm, primitive and suggestible people that they were being visited by ghosts was a major part of the modus operandi of the various practitioners of KuKluxery during the years following the Late Unpleasantness (aka the War of Northern Aggression)…..

    • The KKK appropriated the idea from the theatre, but there’s no reason we can’t take it back from them and use them to good purpose.

    • By the way, if anyone were to complain, we could reply that if it was good enough for that old Grand Wizard Robert Byrd, it’s good enough for us- would the Democrats steer us wrong?

      • CatoRenasci

        Nothing like Kleagle Byrd’s good old-time party of Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion… trying to save mankind from being crucified upon a cross of gold.

  3. Anonymous

    Well, you can ‘misappropriate’ anything I guess. The biggest in recent times is the Swastika—the name for a hooked cross in Sanskrit and which suffuses Hinduism.

    “Throughout its history, the swastika represented life, sun, power, strength and good luck. In the early 20th century, it was still considered a positive symbol. During World War I, it was found on shoulder patches of members of the American 45th Division and the Finnish air force. Only after the Nazi period did its connotation change.”

    Using it today ‘for good purpose’ (its original concept) might be mightily misconstrued when spray painted.

  4. anonymous


    Bed sheets and Swiss army knives are nut going to cut the mustard. Our European friends have experience, they just need to be backed into a corner and that is happening rather quickly. Forget the sheets, Nothing says see ya later quite like jackboots, Molotov cocktails and Zyclon B. This is going to get very nasty.