An idiot and his Porsche are soon parted

Clown car

Clown Car

Two Porsche Porche Macan Turbos  (SUV’s for soccer moms) , a 2015 and 2016 model, respectively, were stolen from Old Greenwich homes early this morning or late last night.

In both cases, they’d been left unlocked, with the keys in the ignition.

These things start at just $75,000 and run up to no more than $105,000, so they probably belonged to the teenagers in the house. Still, shouldn’t they be taught to be more careful?


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32 responses to “An idiot and his Porsche are soon parted

  1. Anonymous

    Maybe it was just the repo man

  2. Anonymous

    Sounds like a couple of hedgies who couldn’t make the lease payments any more.

  3. thx4DsweetRide

    I’ve posted this article in Craigslist Autos Bronx & Yonkers, so others will know where to come to collect their free cars.

  4. Anon99

    The number of cars stolen in Greenwich in which the keys were left in the car is quite amazing.

    • It probably speaks to the low crime rate here: it breeds complacency. And everyone’s (most people?) fully insured, but still.
      I’m guilty of that complacency too, because growing here almost no one locked their houses, and security for cars consisted of taking the keys out of the ignition and tossing them on the dash. That town no longer exists, of course, but old habits die hard.

      • hmmm

        this is probably a stupid question but here goes:

        are you still covered if you admit to leaving the keys in the ignition? as with life insurance committing suicide within the first two years of the policy you typically get nothing….how is this any different (it is but it isn’t)?

  5. 145K in vehicles with keys in the car is either stupidity or insurance job.

    • hmmm


      There are quite a few who leave their cars unlocked with keys in the car.

      • Do you think it’s male-female equal opportunity stupidity? Chris makes it sound like women do it more by saying it the car is a soccer mom SUV.

        • hmmm

          this is by far a case study with a big dataset but as far as i can tell the stories i have heard are usually women doing it. Although when it comes to liberals a big dataset is just interference, so interpret it however you like.


          • Hmmmmmm, hmmmmm, I think MEN are far more oblivious than women. Women tend to keep more things in their car they care about locking up, extra Lululemon pants, Whole Foods grocery bags, tennis racquet, car seats, phone chargers, etc.

        • hmmm

          you sound upset. I don’t think my response ragged on women i think i just gave you my experience with is a very limited dataset. I don’t care if it is women or men doing it, ultimately it is stupidity.

        • hmmm

          You got me!

          As a long time reader of this blog and your comments I was a bit confused.

          Happy New Year!


  6. Anonymous

    A friend of mine left her keys in the car praying that it would be stolen…She had just moved to the Capitol Hill neighborhood of DC and found that the car was more trouble and expense than it was worth…You guessed it..No takers..Ended up donating it to some charity….Must have been a real clunker, but still…

  7. Anonymous

    Are these cars in the driveway, on the street or in the garage? I grew up in a safe area and we always left the keys in the ignition. I still feel it is the easiest place to store them, and I do tend to leave them there. But only in my secure garage. My husband hates it, but not from fear of theft. Our Yukon has a nasty tendency to lock itself, which is bothersome if you store your keys in the ignition!

  8. HNY16'

    Tina Pray has one, not exactly a soccer mom.

  9. Anonymous

    That’s what you get for leasing a $90k car when you can’t afford a house with a garage and live on the Stamford border.

  10. Anon.

    I always thought keys left in the car meant keys left in a purse in the car. I assumed that the police just kindly decided to omit that information from the report… Doesn’t every woman have a back up set of car keys in her purse?

  11. SlappedArse.

    These new Porsches don’t have traditional keys – they have proximity fobs which don’t need to be in the ignition – just inside the car. Everyone that I know who drives these high end cars keeps their “key” either in their purse or pocket when they get to the car they simply press the start button and car starts. Walk away go into house with fob in pocket or purse and thief can’t start car. Something fishy here.