End of year closings

The Greenwich MLS has shut down for the year, but not before the following sales were reported. Most, or all of these have been discussed here before, when they first went to contract, but the final prices are sometimes interesting.

548 North Street , listed as both a 2-acre building lot and a residence, sold for $1.850 million. The agent reported the land listing as closed and cancelled the residential listing, so it’s probably safe to assume that the nice house on this property is slated for demolition. It was purchased, as a house to live in, in 1996 for $1.050 million.

16 Porchuck Rd

16 Porchuck Rd

16 Porchuck Road, on the Merritt Parkway, sold for $2.086 million. At this price, for this house, someone was willing to overlook the noise. I probably don’t blame him. The owner, by the way, paid $1.415 for this house in 1999 and did a beautiful renovation in 2010, so that didn’t work out so well.

749 Riversville Rd

749 Riversville Rd

749 Riversville Road, just about in Bedford, sold for $2.435 million. 6 acres, 6,700 sq. feet, but it’s basically Bedford, and who wants that?

12 Ricki Beth Lane

12 Ricki Beth Lane

12 Ricki Beth Lane, Hillcrest Park, $1,466,661 (someone didn’t give up without a fight, here). Started at $2.193, though, so maybe the seller just likes odd numbers.

8 Old Club House Rd

8 Old Club House Rd

8 Old Club House Road, OG, closed at $2.151 million. Sellers paid $3 million for it in 2007, so that must have hurt. Owie.

119 Hendrie Avenue

119 Hendrie Avenue

119 Hendrie Avenue, Riverside  sold for $1.975 million. Sold in 2000 for $1.5 million.



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13 responses to “End of year closings

  1. Anonymous

    Some great deals. Happy New Years!

  2. NY Tax Refugee

    119 Hendrie is not on the RR side of the street. Backs onto Wesskum Wood.

  3. Anonymous

    The Photoshop job on the Ricki Beth house pics is interesting. But the street name alone reduces value by 30% at least.

  4. Anonymous

    Perhaps price appreciation if the name of the street was Rickie Bobbie?

  5. BronxvilleMan

    Happy New Year! …um not if you own property in Greenwich!

  6. Anonymous

    Love that Ricky Beth one

  7. Anonymous

    The Ricki Beth house was a deal. Whoever bought that will make 20% with just a coat of paint. Congrats to buyer.

    • Well I wonder about that. It sat for a long time, exposed to the full panoply of buyers, before someone stepped up. If it really was such a deal, its attributes were well hidden.