In this country, we’d already have grief counselors on site


School will be closed for three weeks while the students are helped to recover

Scotland: Skull of 16th Century pirate found underneath school playground, students are delighted.

The firm which uncovered the skeleton, AOC Archaeology, worked with forensic artist Hayley Fisher to create a reconstruction of the face of the man, who is believed to have been in his fifties when he died.

Laura Thompson, the headteacher of the primary school, said: “The pupils think it’s fantastic that a skeleton was found deep underneath their playground.”

“The archaeologists will hold a special lesson with some of the children about how they have used science to analyse the remains and it will be a good learning opportunity for them.”

Grief counselors, lawyers, and angry Yale students protesting the pirate’s violation of their “safe space”.


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6 responses to “In this country, we’d already have grief counselors on site

  1. Anonymous

    Trouble in paradise.
    Saudi Arabia Cuts Diplomatic Relations With Iran

    Saudi Arabia has ended diplomatic relations with Iran, the kingdom’s Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said Sunday, following attacks on its embassy in Tehran. 301
    All members of Iran’s mission have 48 hours to leave the kingdom, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said Sunday.

  2. Anonymous

    More OT. My how things have changed. China used to be the great protector of the Vietnamese. No more. They are an equal opportunity bully to any country, More proof they can’t be trusted. In case you did not realize, I don’t think the airstrip is for civilian aviation.

    BEIJING — China said it landed a test flight on a newly completed airfield in the disputed Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, a sign of its growing military capabilities in the region.

    The flight drew a quick protest from Vietnam, which said China had “seriously violated” its sovereignty. A Philippines foreign ministry spokesman said Manila, another claimant in the Spratlys, also planned to lodge a protest with the Chinese.