It’s early, but here’s my nominee for woman of the year

Miss Holly Jones, of Indianapolis is furious that another patron destroyed some of the ambiance of her New Year’s celebration.

A customer posted a rant online saying her New Year’s Eve was ruined by a woman having a heart attack.

Holly Jones went online to slam staff at Kilroy’s Bar N’ Grill in Indianapolis, after she said staff told her ‘someone dying was important then (sic) us’.

She believed the woman was a ‘junkie’ having an overdose, and criticized waiters for not giving them the service they needed as they went to her aid.

However she was unaware that the woman was in her 50s, and had fallen ill during her meal.

I’ve always considered Mid-Westerners to be the class act our country: kind, generous, calm, but either there’s an exception out there on the flatlands or Holly was visiting from out of state.

Holly Jones


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12 responses to “It’s early, but here’s my nominee for woman of the year

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    How to make yourself PNG in every restaurant and bar in the USA? Ask Holly Jones!

  2. I got wise to that myth about mid-westerners after seeing this scene:

  3. burningmadolf

    What a catch.

  4. housecat

    Commence the viral shaming. Nitwit.

  5. Scroll down past Holly’s rant to see the amazing response from the restaurant manager. He nailed it. Nailed it.

  6. Anonymous

    Love how this cunt insinuates that “automatic gratuity” on NEW YEARS EVE is somehow to blame for all of this.
    Fuck holly jones.

  7. Anony

    I wish people were more kind.

  8. peg

    Hard to believe someone can be this obnoxious, this uncaring, this uncivil – and (let’s hope) wreck a whole lot of her life in one swoop – but – Holly Jones seems up to the task!

  9. Anonymous

    Everybody here and around the world seems to be piling on this woman…..Would all of you pause and think for a minute that being a semi illiterate alcoholic hair burner living in Indianapolis Indiana is punishment enough ? And believe me when I say the flyover states have more than their (there) share of stupid assholes…