You’d think Black Lives Matter would be rushing to his defense

Michael Vick

Michael Vick, running from the Hounds of Hell

(Black) sportscaster suggests that black quarterbacks like to run around so much “because they’re used to running from the law”.

He’s drawing some criticism for his analysis, but isn’t that pretty much BLM’s view of the black world? “Don’t shoot!”


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5 responses to “You’d think Black Lives Matter would be rushing to his defense

  1. Seb

    But he’s black! I do not see any problem. Forced apology? Lord. What’s next; a fat man cannot laugh about his own weight? Oh America…that is why US sitcoms are such a bore, and invented PAL for the music industry, but anybody cares about it.

  2. Anonymous

    Half of the world’s truths are said in jest. Do you think the sportscaster is onto something?

  3. Anonymous

    The liberal left Democratic administration in Washington is already doing what the Republican presidential field is proposing. This was picked by Dow Jones, but obviously ignored by mainstream media.

    The Obama administration has begun detaining Central Americans who have evaded deportation orders, including women and children, according to immigration attorneys and advocates.

    Just before Christmas, government officials confirmed that the Department of Homeland Security had been planning a crackdown in January because the number of migrants showing up at the southwest border had begun to swell in late 2015.

    “Attempting to unlawfully enter the United States as a family unit does not protect individuals from being subject to the immigration laws of this country,” a DHS official said. “(Immigration and Customs Enforcement) will continue to pursue the removal of persons who fall within DHS immigration enforcement priorities, including families who are recent unlawful border crossers and who are subject to final orders of removal.”

    The operation began over the weekend, with reports of sweeps in Georgia and Texas, immigration attorneys said.

    An expanded version of this report appears on

  4. Flash

    The only thing Vick had going for him is his bachelorhood, otherwise his arrest would have been beating his wife rather than fighting dogs.
    Just an observation.