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The Onion is rapidly being rendered irrelevant by liberals’ reality


Instructor Ellie Harrison (in yellow) demonstrating “This is What Democracy Looks Like”, and she’s nailed it: liberal elite pissing on the commoners.

Scottish taxpayers dunned £15,000 to pay performance artist to stay in Glasgow for a year, even though she already lives there.

An artist has been paid £15,000 of taxpayers’ money to not leave Glasgow for a year as part of an art project.

Academic Ellie Harrison was given the cash by the Creative Scotland quango after persuading it that staying in the city constituted a 12-month performance piece – even though she lives there anyway.

Miss Harrison, 36, describes herself as an ‘artist and activist’ who specialises in performance art criticising the ‘absurd consequences of our capitalist system, particularly climate change’.

It’s no wonder the left in this country is so desperate to disarm th populace – a revolution is coming.


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This should help Merkel soften the hearts of her countrymen

ilove imigration

Maybe not so much, now that the fleas are flying

1,000-strong mob of muslims grope, rape women in Cologne train station New Year’s Eve.


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Slight hiccup in Mid-Country

81 Husted

81 Husted Lane

81 Husted Lane, new construction, started off last May 1st at $8.575 million and today was reduced to $7.990. That’s not a huge reduction, and by itself wouldn’t indicate trouble in the so-called “Golden Triangle”, but I guess I’m surprised that a very nice house in a popular location would sit since May. It might be a bellwether, it might just be a slight miscalculation of what the market will pay. Regardless, if it sticks around too much longer its pictures will again match the season.

The land, by the way, was listed at $1.950 back in 2014 and builders quickly bid it up to a winning price of $2.110.


View of the neighbors brought to life by Tubs from EOS™


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Interesting numbers for a two-family

55 Byram Terrace drive

55 Byram Terrace Drive

Or they’re of interest to me, anyway. Steve Archino has been representing the builder owners of this two-family at 55 Byram Terrace Drive since it was built in 2008. It failed to fetch $2.450 million back then, but each unit has been being rented for $5,000 (ish) over the years, and a week ago Steve returned it to the market priced at $1.738 million, and it was gone in a week.Byram Terrace is hardly a swanky neighborhood; I guess I was surprised a townhouse here could command such a rent.

The link to Realtor.com, by the way, shows a “condominium”. (Fudrucker has corrected my misunderstanding – they are condo).


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Sale price reported

2 Binney Lane

2 Binney Lane

2 Binney Lane, new construction, sold for $2.7 million. A full discussion of this was conducted last month, when it went to contract.


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