I suppose if Shore Road in Old Greenwich can command $5 million, Field Point Road in Belle Haven can get $8.6

465 Field Point Road

465 Field Point Road

Which in fact it has: 465 Field Point Road. New construction by Bill Gardner, who builds a fine house.


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26 responses to “I suppose if Shore Road in Old Greenwich can command $5 million, Field Point Road in Belle Haven can get $8.6

  1. Anonymous

    boy that’s nice. subtle details.

  2. Anon

    Damn, that’s when having money pays off. Beautiful inside and out. Only thing that strikes me is the placement of the main kitchen sink, staring at a wall. Otherwise, lovely.

  3. Anonymous

    Not in Belle Haven……

  4. Anonymous

    Beautiful house….$8.6m is frothy, but it is a gorgeous home. Zillow says $5m—I guess that’s before Gardner?

    • Zillow, as is so often the case, knows nothing. Some of these readers who proclaim that the end of agents has arrived, that algorithms will rule, might want to watch Zillow attempt to arrive at a value for a particular house.

  5. Matt

    I like that they preserved the stone work from the original house on the front porch and in the mud room.

  6. TwoAnd20

    Is the term: “New Construction” in the same family nowadays as “Clean Deisel?
    Most of the floors and front porch look like they need a refinishing.

    Hmmm, Gardner, near Bell Haven..?
    As in: related to Brook, and daddy war-bucks?

    • NHY16'

      Brook’s last name is Garden.
      Close though.

      But I do agree with your assessment of the floors, wtf?

    • Buck Swope

      I would guess that the builder is leaving the final coat of poly on the inside floors until after the house is sold. This way they final owners can choose what level of sheen they prefer and if there are any trades that need to finish up final details, there will be less chance of finish damage.

      • I agree. No builder, especially one at Gardner’s level, will turn over a house like this in anything but pristine condition. I wouldn’t any sleep worrying about the buyer.

  7. Anonymous

    i’ll take a wild guess those floors on front porch are teak and just has dust/dirt showing up in the high res photos. a simple hosing off and or mopping prior to photos would have done wonders, as would a liberal application of teak oil, letting it soak for a few days. interior floors are very nice, again just dusty. i’ll guess it’s got a satin poly on it. if exposed (while doubtful) a few days’ treatment with linseed oil or danish oil will make them look beautiful. watch out for spontaneous combusting applicators though!

  8. townPlanner

    This neighborhood needs more subsidized housing and better diversity.

  9. Anonymous

    if the owner is a gentleman farmer then he is indeed subsidized. as for diversity, am sure that his financial advisor does not have him concentrated in any single sector or vehicle….


  10. Upperwestsider

    Can you feel the trucks on the turnpike rolling down?

  11. Anonymous

    The weathered stone on the exterior is gorgeous.

  12. Anonymous

    Seems like a lot of money to be on the fairly busy road of Field Point- Not in Belle Haven. Nice house but these new owners better plan to stay awhile because other houses on this street languish on the market a long time! Just look it up. But of course you will be neighbors to David Ogilvy and close to the Homestead for some fine food!! Near enough to walk to the club, but if they are not members already, they will have to be on the wait list for about 3-4 years like the rest of the non Belle Haven land owners. I’m surprised it sold with an 8 in the number.

  13. Anonymous

    Thanks for posting this. Beautiful house, awesome materials, classic proportions, architecturally coherent, amazing attention to detail. This is a house that should stand the test of time. There is no question that there was exceptional attention paid to both design and construction phases.

    For the record, I am one who was extremely critical of yesterday’s Shore Rd posting. In contrast to that, it is refreshing to see superbly-executed new construction that also embraces timeless design, and avoids fadish features whilst still coming across fresh and new. This illustrates that spec building needn’t sacrifice high standards of architecture and design.