Still in the holiday doldrums, but here’s another price cut to report

851 Lake Avenue

851 Lake Avenue

851 Lake Avenue, which started off last February at $5.5 million, has cut its price again and is now asking $4.5. It sits on one of those weird 4-acre lots up there that are very, very skinny and very, very long, but the house itself is rather grand and really, how far, actually, do you need to be from your neighbors? If this were Riverside, you’d feel as though you were living in the Little House on the Prairie.

In fact, speaking of Riverside (and Old Greenwich), it’s astonishing how much farther your money travels north of the Merritt. Of course, so will you, but ….

Public open house this coming Sunday, January 10, if you’re curious.


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12 responses to “Still in the holiday doldrums, but here’s another price cut to report

  1. Cos Cobber

    Now you post this after the slings and arrows for the Shore Road house?

    BTW, Happy New Year dude. Your girls look great in that post below. Hopefully they share more funny stuff from time to time in 2016.

  2. Anon

    Shocking how old and outdated this ten year old house looks.

    • Anonymous

      I think the word you are trying to come up with is “fugly ” ?

      • Anon

        Not really fugly but the house looks like it’s out of the 1980s. I can’t believe those hallway tiles, kitchen floor tiles, kitchen cabinets etc were de rigeur in 2005.

    • Patrishka

      Agreed; I had the same reaction. A lot of what appears dated could be updated fairly easily, though. I’d love the location.

    • Mid-Country Cos Cobber

      I dont see an issue at all. If you remove the paint colors and make it look all white …. it still looks like all the new builds. Is it just the crazy paint colors?

      Its a little too grand for me, but what do I know … I live in cos cob. I still think its a pretty house

  3. James

    Every room in the house has a different theme like those hotels that have the Hawaii room, Casablanca room etc… My guess is that it goes in the 3’s

  4. Anonymous

    Trends come and trends go. This is a totally bland house with loud and off putting decor and it’s just not worth the ask. However, location is just fine. You shoot 10 minutes down RHR and you’re in town. As others have pointed out, it’ll take longer from Old Greenwich to get to town, unless you prefer Florida-style strip malls in which case you can stay east of Mianus.

  5. Anonymous

    People pay $10 mill for a closet in Manhattan to live with neighbors. Who wants to live in the Greenwich boonies anymore?

  6. patsandsox

    Not good: weird off-axis (almost east-west) tennis court.