Well how could she? There IS no difference


They play the same tape and they’re both obsolete

Hillary Clinton can’t explain the difference between a Democrat and a socialist. To be fair, the chairman of her own party, Debbie Wasserman, couldn’t either. And to be fairer still, no one can.

Purple, lavender, or puce? Slightly different shades, that’s all.


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8 responses to “Well how could she? There IS no difference

  1. edgewater

    Most democrats that i know are unable to identify any ‘need’ that is beyond the government’s mandate to provide. housing, food, education [from preschool through college] child care, medical care, eldercare, clothing, communication, transportation, etc. why would anyone ever choose to work?

  2. 1966 to 1977
    My American College Years
    Affirmative Action implemented nationwide.
    2016 Election will decide the Nation’s understanding of results.
    My generation flat out ended Segregation, exposed Military Industrial fix, made Commies run for cover, created millions of happy families worldwide,
    Silent Generation stepped up to be on our side.
    Are we the new Silent?
    Bernie has some points, Trump has some points, what is the point of putting Party first before US?
    Power by bribes.
    Both Bernie & Donald have given & accepted.
    Silly Billy & Shillary are worldwide experts.
    Millions of us embraced (in many ways) Affirmatives.
    Revenge Affirmatives now dominate many Colleges & politics.
    Unless my Generation rejects Fonda/Hillary/Gruber/Marx/Soros/Gore/Ehrlich/etc. mindset born but not aborted back then we lose what we won.
    We are Winners, undefeated.
    Love of Country was/is base.
    Spread the Love!\
    Get the Love of Country back here first and get all other 193 Countries to Love there,their own, they do not leave.
    Start here & clean up Town Hall so we can Love Our Town again.

    • Excellent idea, but impossible. Many people in the other 193 countries are unsatisfied with their lives there and want to come to America. And since almost anyone can get here, many come and bring their non-American culture with them. Many new arrivals prefer to adhere to their own culture rather than adopt American mores.

      To take what I hope is a mild, non-controversial example, America now has about 60 million Latinos, many of who speak only Spanish, many of whom prefer to speak Spanish even if they know English, and many of whom adhere to a Latin culture of male dominance and superiority. This open misogamy is in sharp contrast with the prevailing American ethos of gender equality, and virtually no one even comments on this divergence from “Americanism.”

      Finally, because there are so many of these recently arrived and only partially assimilated people vote, there will never again be a silent majority of voters to reverse this trend. The dominant national political party is solidly behind open immigration, non-assililation, identity politics, and multiculturalism. America has changed (“fundamentally transformed” in the formulation of Obama), and America will be more and more like Europe in the future.

      Some of us find this deeply regrettable, but it is what a majority of our fellow voters have freely selected. We have to accept it and move on; resistance is futile; there are more of them than us; and we cannot convince any of them to come over to our side.

  3. peg

    Yep; there is a reason they can’t explain the difference……

  4. Mark B.

    Didn’t Norman Thomas bring this up in the 60’s?
    There’s no need for a socialist party anymore.

  5. Hillary is proud to be a socialist. However, she won’t actually tell that truth to Americans, because everyone knows that socialism is soul-crushing and cruel. Please remind us, what did the zi in Nazi stand for, anyway?

  6. Mark B.

    I’ll give Bernie that much – at least he has the cojones to come out and tell you he’s a socialist.

  7. Anonymous

    It’s sad. There used to be a real difference.