When the media toes the corporate line

I don't see anything - you see anything? Muslims celebrate New Years Eve in Cologne

I don’t see anything – you see anything?
Muslims celebrate New Years Eve in Cologne

Reporters and editors world wide seem to be going out of their way to join their fellow liberals in hiding the truth about our new arrivals, the Muslims. The mayor of Cologne, Germany, for instance, in response to the massive sexual assault by Muslims on New Year’s Eve in her own city, warns women to dress properly and be more careful. This was awkward for the western press to report, however, because until independent sources brought the incident to light, they’d never mentioned it.

First, the mayor:  “Despite her words of warning towards women in the city they could prepare for more violence against them, she refuted the suggestion there was any link between the attacks and migrants, contradicting her own chief of police.”

News of the attacks was suppressed for days, with just short reports of isolated incidents in Cologne city centre making it to local outlets on New Year’s Day.

The Kolnifsche Rundschaudescribed the scene at the railways station as “largely peaceful” and made no effort to describe those who attacked the young women, one of which told press she had “fingers on every orifice” after she was stripped near naked.

Only after nearly 100 victims of assault and abuse came forwards to police, and stories of attacks started circulating on social media did the truth of the situation start to slowly emerge, forcing local police to hold a press conference on Monday afternoon.

In the United Kingdom, despite [BBC] having their own offices in Cologne, their report published this afternoon sticks to the facts as published by Cologne local media days ago — and fails to mention migrants until the 18th paragraph.

In similar style, German BBC equivalent Deutsche Welle only mentioned the description of the attackers in the tenth paragraph of their reporting on Cologne published today.

These “journalists’ are all eligible for the New York Time’s Duranty Award (Mr. Duranty was the Times Moscow Chief who toured the Soviet Union in the 30s and reported that there was no famine, no slaughter going on, even though at the time, Stalin was busy killing 20 million or so of his subjects. The Times still keeps the Pulitzer Prize it received for its coverage, despite what it now admits was “some of the worst reporting to appear in this newspaper”. That’s a low hurdle, of course. Wikipedia says of the man, “For many Duranty’s name has become synonymous with thinly veiled propaganda masquerading as news, in this case in support of Soviet communism.”. These days, the main stream media doesn’t just repeat communist propaganda as news, it reports only the progressive agenda, on all subjects.

So maybe we should have a new award, the Duranty Enhanced Medal, and bestow it collectively.


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10 responses to “When the media toes the corporate line

  1. AJNock

    And the muzzies set fire to their usual 1,000 cars in the suburbs of Paris on NYE. What a wonderful bunch. Let’s import more, eh?

  2. peg

    I’m waiting for the instructions to all women there to don burqas to protect themselves from sexual attacks.

    We’re all Sharia followers now, eh?

  3. burningmadolf

    This story is absolutely nuts. But I know the global SJW crowd will be all over this, especially feminists.

  4. Publius


    Filed under: Economy of Effort:

    I think it would be easier to assume that the 4th estate does not exist anymore and to highlight those rare occasions when they lose their senses and do their job. This will give you more time to inflame your reader base with comments about questionable architecture in town, paying up for living next to the “tracks” and of course the excellence of the Riverside school system versus the other areas of town…..

  5. Tattycoram

    I love the Duranty Award for Mendacious Journalism–but you’d better believe the New York Times doesn’t sponsor it. It’s given by PJ Media and the New Criterion, I believe.

  6. I think the women of Cologne understand the mayor’s suggestion of a “one arm length separation”

  7. Al Brecken

    Don’t forget Fidel ” I got my job thru the New York Times’ Castro. The NYT reporter on Castro , Herbert Matthews , was dispensing pro-Castro propaganda. Many notable media people were members of the “Fair Play for Cuba” committee , along with Lee Harvey Oswald .

  8. Seb

    America be prepared: burkini shall be the new (force majeure) fashion in The Hamptons

  9. Tokenekebozo

    So where are all the toughguy skinhead nationalists when they’re needed? Get out there and kick some Ay-rab ass.

  10. The follow-up report by the BBC finds blame for everyone, except the perpetrators: Cologne sex attacks ‘require police rethink’