Cruz opposes ethanol, and the corn lobby is going all out to stop him

Trump corn

Know which way the wind blows

As one ethanol backer, a corn and soy producer tells the WSJ, “what else are we going to do here?

SIBLEY, Iowa—Presidential candidates for decades have sought to curry favor with Iowa farmers by pledging allegiance to a local agriculture lobby that reaps the benefits of favorable federal laws.

Now, Sen. Ted Cruz, the front-runner in the state’s Feb. 1 Republican presidential caucuses, is threatening to break the long-standing pact, prompting a fierce pushback from the industry.

Mr. Cruz is calling for an end to the Renewable Fuel Standard, a law first passed in 2005 that requires refineries to blend an increasing amount of biofuels, including the corn-based ethanol produced here, into the U.S. gasoline supply each year.

The state’s biggest ethanol trade groups are in the midst of a multi-million-dollar campaign to stop Mr. Cruz from becoming the first presidential candidate in either party to win the state while opposing the standard since it was enacted.

For the trade groups that represent Iowa’s ethanol producers, Mr. Cruz represents an existential crisis: If he proves a presidential candidate can win Iowa without the approval of the ethanol lobby—represented here by a group called America’s Renewable Future—the fear is no candidate will ever back their agenda again.

If Hillary and Donald Trump can’t stand up to the corn lobby and will protect a blatant rip off of the American public, how will they do resisting the NEA and Trial Lawyers of America? In Hillary’s case, the question was asked and answered long ago: she’s never met a John she didn’t like, so long as he pays up front. As for Trump, his caving here in Iowa says all you need to know.


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17 responses to “Cruz opposes ethanol, and the corn lobby is going all out to stop him

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing this. I was wondering why the vitriol against Cruz was so strong. Many of his positions make sense, and this is a good example.

    • Anonymous

      Whether you like Cruz’s style or not (I personally .find his voice annoyingly grating), you have to credit him with sticking to his guns (so far) and working to honor the will of his constituents. Ethanol subsidies are egregious and should be terminated, but no politician has the guts to do it (thanks to Iowa’s disproportionate influence on the primary process.) Which brings up another issue which continues to confound me; why should a national party candidate be effectively selected by such an odd collection of small states? Would it not make the election process much cleaner and simpler to just have one national primary for each party and be done with it? And don’t get me started on the electoral college system ….. Greenwich Oldtimer

  2. Cos Cobber

    For whomever posted about melting ice yesterday – here ya go: Antarctic Ice has an overall net gain according to NASA.

    The truth of the matter on climate is that it is always changing – never static. Just 10k years ago – a blink of an eye on this planet – we emerged from a long ice age. Did a change in the sun’s output cause the ice age to end? Are we just in a short warm period between ice ages? Beyond nuclear power, do we have any real tools to materially reduce carbon emissions? The best renewables will ever achieve is 30% of our gross demand and that will require the earth to be covered in solar panels.

  3. In today’s Journal, Karl Rove predicts that if Trump is the nominee, the Republicans will lose the Presidency and the Senate.

    Our friend AJ sees conspiracies everywhere. Is this one: Are the Trump supporters actually Hillary-backers under deep cover, cleverly spoiling the Republicans’ best chance in years to elect a President, and electing the flawed Hillary instead?

    Conspiracy-watchers want to know……..

    • Cos Cobber

      Yes – the WSJ has been beating that drum pretty hard over the past two months about Trump. Perhaps once a week there is an editorial with a direct or indirect disapproval message on Trump.

    • Riverside Dog Walker

      I don’t think it is a conspiracy, just a sad confluence of events. Firstly, most of the people who would make a good president these days are not in politics and have no interest. The current politicians are nothing more than glad handing empty suits who do the bidding of whoever pays them a lot of money. Statesmen none of these people are.

      IMO, the Trump phenomenon is a result of those people not on the government gravy train being scared and afraid for their futures and those of their children, a sentiment that I think is well founded. Unfortunately, the only person speaking to this segment is blowhard Trump.

      I happened to see an interesting segment on CNN while on the stairmaster that basically this election comes down to just seven or so states, Florida, Ohio, and several others. Then they profiled voting patterns for different candidates. Trump polls at something like 17% for Hispanics and 10% among blacks. Not being able to pull votes from these two groups is the kiss of death for him in the electoral college. Made sense to me.

      • anonymous

        No offense to you but you can not believe ANYTHING that you see on CNN. It is 100% propaganda. They do have a dog in the race and it is definitely not Senor Trumpet.

      • Surprised to hear myself say this, I think Trump is the only candidate who understands the electorate. Look where is is today – in Burlington Vermont, home of Bernie Sanders and one registered Republican. All other R’s would look at Vermont and say why bother, why waste money going to a state that will never get any votes to our side? But Donald is campaigning there because he knows full well he’ll need one heck of a lot of people to get out to vote. He’s telling people it does no good to go to his rallies if they don’t vote and I guarantee you when he’s the nominee, he’ll have a HUUUUGE MACHINE employed to get voters out like you’ve never seen before. He’s a master of social media, a master of understanding the way to make his opponent crumble. I think he’s even able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! He’s a fast learner too and has come a long way since he announced his candidacy, that most were sure was a flash in the pan. I also wouldn’t be surprised if he asked Cruz to be his running mate. Notice, with the exception of bringing up the Canadian birther thing, Donald never criticizes Cruz and at a meeting this morning, someone said that Donald might have wanted to get the birther thing out and aired now, bring it up for the sake of having the issue gone and done by the time he asks Ted to be his running mate.

        I’m not a Trump convert yet but I son’t see anyone else I remotely like. Jeb, yawn, even with his recent windfall $10m donation from Hank Greenberg. Christie, has a chance and might do okay in NH, but after that, he’s toast. Rubio is waay wrong.

        • Cos Cobber

          Let’s face it, Trump is driving the “F-U” bus and it seems to carry more momentum than anyone could have anticipated.

      • Anonymous

        Absolutely right. Romney received 27% of the Hispanic vote in 2012 and lost handily. With Trump’s bluster about Mexicans, the 17% is about right. And that means defeat.

  4. Anonymous

    Bloomberg, Schwarzenegger and Reagan, all private citizens when they began seeking office, seemed to do just fine. Or at least not any worse than career politicians. I find it humorous that being a politician is a requirement before being, well, a politician.

    • I’ve often thought real world experience should be mandatory before anyone can hold office. Those who have always wanted to be politicians scare me.
      And look what happened, too late to do us any good, when George McGovern tried running a small business – an inn- in CT. He quickly failed and said of the experience that if he’d had any idea how do-good laws and regulations strangle businesses, he’d never have been to eager to support them as a senator.

  5. Oh, it's for my name

    It still seems that Trump is playing an excellent role of spoiler for the Republicans. The media love covering his antics, which give them cover for ignoring all the other Republicans. For the general public, there is such a dearth of information about the ISSUES and positions. Trump seems to be acting successfully for: 1) Trump’s benefit and 2) Hillary’s benefit.

  6. My rant

    Chris: Don’t forget to watch Leo Dicaprio on Charlie Rose tonight- he’s lecturing on climate change. According to Leo, it may already be too late to do anything. Yikes!!