Frank Farricker announces his candidacy

Tesei farricker

Forward together!

Within hours of Republican Town Committee chairman Jim Campbell announcing his forced retirement, former Democrat chairman Francis X. Farricker has thrown his hat into the ring to replace him.

“I’m as used to backstabbing sonofabitches and inflated egos as Jim is,” Farricker explained to FWIW, “so that won’t be new, and there’s nothing the Republicans support that I don’t: swimming pools, new firehouses, marching bands, bungled school construction projects, you name it: they want that stuff, and so do I, so I see no problem whatsoever running the party.”

Asked how Campbell would react to the possibility of being succeeded by him, Farricker responded, “are you kidding? Jim’s the one who put me up to this. In fact, I’m helping him move over to the Democrats and take my spot. The two parties are interchangeable, why not their leadership?”


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4 responses to “Frank Farricker announces his candidacy

  1. Fudd Studd

    Fuddrucker won’t even be on the next DTC…

  2. Frank

    Is this how you get a Democrat elected to first selectman in Greenwich?

  3. Anonymous

    Just what Greenwich needs — an “open-minded” totalitarian!