Pending in Riverside

33 sunshine

33 Sunshine Avenue

Riverside NoPo, that is. 33 Sunshine Avenue, asking $685,000. While anything can be rebuilt, this one is probably headed for the scrapster. Its description says “as is”, and when there are no interior shots, and one of the three exterior pictures is that of a bird bath, you can assume that there’s not much to brag about going on inside.

Still, it’s a quarter-acre in the R-7 zone, so paying a premium for the land makes sense.


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9 responses to “Pending in Riverside

  1. Anonymous

    Looks like a flag lot so not much usable land to build and probably not much backyard.

  2. Anonymous

    This lot confused me, long and narrow with the house sitting back on the property. Does anyone know if there was a yard in the back? Or if this is a builder buying where the house could be better placed?

  3. Anonymous

    Nopo is depressing.