The scary part about the Donald is that, even if he only believes half the stuff he spews, his followers swallow all of it

Smoot hawley

Yes we can be that stupid, again

Now he wants a 45% tariff on all imports from China.

I get that he’s tapped into the huge anger of the people, including my own, but after 8 years of Obama, I’m not sure we can survive four more under another demagogue.


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12 responses to “The scary part about the Donald is that, even if he only believes half the stuff he spews, his followers swallow all of it

  1. Cos Cobber

    The Donald seems to have a narrow view on the realities of global economics. Slap a 45% tariff on China and watch them terminate Apple manufacturing contracts as a starting point for a trade war. Btw, South America has brutal tariffs on electronics and all that has come of it is that they have to fly to Miami to buy the good stuff.

    Kabuki theater is also on tonight. Let’s see which political plant can earn an Oscar.

  2. Cobra

    OT, Chris, but did you see this article in today’s WSJ…page D4?

  3. Mickster

    He’s figured out the formula to top the Republican polls and he’ll continue to lead by finding our pain points and pandering to them. This formula has worked very successfully abroad before. Only problem is he seems to be a goofball, a circus ring master. On the other hand Reagan was an actor. On the third hand the Clintons are lying, cheating stealing creeps who run a billion dollar foundation, having left the WH in debt and Terry Mc had to give them a mortgage for Chappaqua. The choices we have. God bless America.

  4. Anon

    I bet the 45% formula came from Carl Icahn, who Donald has said would have responsibility over China and foreign investments. The two are good friends and surely talked about this before Trump made the remark.

  5. Apparently the Trump voters say he’s a truth telling radical who has the best chance to beat Hillary. This is preposterous nonsense. It proves the Republicans have their low-information voters, too.

    Trump isn’t the only one to speak without thinking. Here’s Thomas L. Friedman in today’s NY Times, the most over-rated wannabe columnist:

    We need: “A single-payer universal health care system. If it can work for Canada, Australia and Sweden and provide generally better health outcomes at lower prices, it can work for us, and get U.S. companies out of the health care business… introduction of a negative income tax to ensure a government-guaranteed income floor for every American…To pay for all this, a phased-in innovation and tax agenda that incentivizes start-ups and hiring. That means: Slash all corporate taxes, income taxes, personal deductions and corporate subsidies and replace them with a carbon tax, a value-added consumption tax (except on groceries and other necessities), a tax on bullets and a tax on all sugary drinks…..”

    Impractical ideas, pronounced in a bubble….

  6. burningmadolf

    We the people are fucked any way you slice it.
    The Donald could be a Clinton plant that went too far or he may have started this as en ego booster and now thinks he can really do it.
    I’m just afraid that all roads lead to POTUS HRC.
    We are fucked.

  7. Anonymous

    All of trumps former Greenwich neighbors would disagree with you ! Low information voters- that’s a joke . Take a look at the prices on vista drive / you wish you lived there !!!!
    Wait and see how many people will vote for trump !

  8. Anonymous at 8.17: You’re right. If nominated, Trump will get millions and millions of votes. Probably about 60 million votes, a huge number. He’d get mine.

    But if you believe in limited government and freedom, your problem is that Hillary will get 63 million…….

    Let’s nominate someone serious for a serious job. In 2008, we elected a celebrity activist. How did that work out? In 2016, let’s not elect a celebrity reality show host. Also the oldest President in history.