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Your friendly Realtor reminds you: “There’s never a bad time to buy a house!”


My agent swore she had an inside line with management

Realtor.com, November 15, 2015: Eagle’s head coach buys a home in Haddenfield NJ 

The $1.15 million purchase, first reported by Crossingbroad.com, should put to rest the pernicious rumors that Kelly is eyeing a plush position at Southern Cal.

As of December 29th, Mr. Kelly has had no particular use for a house in Haddenfield, NJ, or anywhere else in the Philadelphia area, but he does have more time to enjoy the home’s premier feature, an indoor exercise pool.


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Monty Python and the Syrian Immigrants

German phrasebook found on Syrian groper includes phrases like “you have nice breasts” and “I want to have sex with you”.

Poor bastard just got ahold of the wrong phrasebook.


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I’m not ignoring real estate activity, there just isn’t any

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 2.45.30 PM

175 Cat Rock Rd

Price cut up at 175 Cat Rock Road, a beautiful 1857 farm house that was asking $3.295 and is now down to $2.850. Cat Rock can be a tough sell, but certainly not impossible, and this one’s a gem.

According to its tax card, this property sold for $3.9 million in 2001. Is that possible? Was there more land than its present 2.7 acres? I don’t know – that was the year before I got into this racket.


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Well that settles it, then

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Watching the end of the world with equanimity – what a girl!

Hillary points to snow in January as proof of global warming.

Speaking of Hillary, and her would-be First Man, when did allegations of rape become incidents of a person’s “sexual history” or his “sex life”? 

I don’t believe the media uses those euphemisms for, say, Bill Cosby, but even with the euphemisms, can this country regain the world’s respect if the president’s mate is wandering, say, the streets of Helsinki?

Speaking of an earlier visit to the capital, Deputy Police Chief Llkka Koskmaki said “We had unfortunately some very brutal cases in autumn,” he said. “I don’t know so well other cultures, but I have recognised that the thinking of some of them is very different. Some of them maybe think that it is allowed to be aggressive and touch ladies on the street.”

Wait til’ Bill hits Tehran.


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Spy wars

Castro obama

Raul’s promised me that he will personally look for it and call me if he finds anything

Hellfire missile goes missing, lands in Cuba.

An inert U.S. Hellfire missile sent to Europe for training purposes was wrongly shipped from there to Cuba in 2014, said people familiar with the matter, a loss of sensitive military technology that ranks among the worst-known incidents of its kind.

The unintended delivery of the missile to Cuba has confounded investigators and experts who work in a regulatory system designed to prevent precisely such equipment from falling into the wrong hands, said those familiar with the matter.

For more than a year, amid a historic thawing of relations between the U.S. and Cuba, American authorities have tried to get the Cuban government to return the missile, said people familiar with the matter. At the same time, federal investigators have been tracing the paper trail of the wayward Hellfire to determine if its arrival in Cuba was the work of criminals or spies, or the result of a series of blunders, these people said.

Reading the full WSJ article, it seems probable that spies did it. Oh well, at least, after Obama’s latest diplomatic triumph, we can now  visit Paradise Island’s political prisoners.

It’s sort of funny to imagine John Kerry begging for our missile back, no?


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We’ve found Donald Trump’s running mate, here in the frozen tundra

lepage-3.jpgMaine’s Governor LePage, who already gives the granola eaters in Portland  near-fatal indigestion, would drive the mainstream press literally out of its collective mind.

LePage responded to a question about how he was tackling substance abuse in Maine by talking about how much of the heroin is coming into Maine from out-of-state drug dealers.

“These are guys with the name D-Money, Smoothie, Shifty – these types of guys – they come from Connecticut and New York, they come up here, they sell their heroin, they go back home,” LePage told a large crowd. “Incidentally, half the time they impregnate a young white girl before they leave, which is a real sad thing because then we have another issue we have to deal with down the road.”

I’m no fan of the Donald, but he’d get my vote if he’d put LePage on the ticket, just for the entertainment value alone.


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I feel safer already


Gender neutral: Gaia’s son castrates Uranus

Obama orders coed training for Marine recruits and adoption of gender-neutral titles.

UPDATE – Related? Vietnamese probe balls that fell (with grace, one presumes) from space. Did they come from Camp Lejeune?


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Question no one was asking. Or should have been, anyway.

Can wearing a musical tampon stimulate your unborn child’s brain? 

pregnant with headphones

So old fashioned

I’ve heard of helicopter parents, of course, but submarines?

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Global warming: is there ANYTHING it can’t do?


Even the Norsemen couldn’t save us

Science: Global warming drove the abominable snowman to our land. 

Showing a complete naivety about the precepts of the Church of Gaia, the skeptical reporter attempts to sum up his dismissal:

In the field of Anthropology, it takes more evidence than a theoretical model, a few questionable proxies (plaster casts of alleged “footprints”), and a dodgy film reel, to establish a theory as “settled science”.

Of course, the reporter knows better; this isn’t anthropology we’re talking about, it’s global warming, where demands for proof are the product of sick, twisted deniers.

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