I feel safer already


Gender neutral: Gaia’s son castrates Uranus

Obama orders coed training for Marine recruits and adoption of gender-neutral titles.

UPDATE – Related? Vietnamese probe balls that fell (with grace, one presumes) from space. Did they come from Camp Lejeune?


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4 responses to “I feel safer already

  1. Good thing “you f***ing maggot” is gender neutral.

  2. Mickster

    Dear God, we’re at war and the Commander in Chief is issuing directives to the Marine brass on gender titles. OMG

  3. SSG Cary called us “ladies” most of the time during boot camp anyway, so I don’t think the DIs at Parris Island will need to change their vocabulary now that real ladies will be present as well in co-ed platoons.

    And as Ghost said, some enhanced form of “maggot” was the most common form of address…..

  4. Reality Check

    So I guess this would now be viewed as politically incorrect. In my view, right up there with Walt’s favorite part of A Few Good Men when his boy Jack breaks on the witness stand.

    Full Metal Jacket