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So here’s a bit of a surprise

18 Halock

18 Halock Drive

18 Halock Drive, new construction on the Byram River floodplain, is pending, at $1.795 million. I admittedly don’t keep careful track of prices over there, but that seems like a pretty high price, new construction or no, given the propensity of the Byram to jump its banks each year.

Then again, what price adventure?


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So what are the Democrats focusing on?

Global warming, although that’s bound to change, quickly, when it sinks in that no one cares.

Here’s a WSJ poll on Iowa voters. The accompanying article points out, however, that Mrs. Clinton’s appeal lies with older voters and blacks, two groups heavily represented in southern states that will vote on “Super Tuesday”.

Interesting that Clinton is the old people’s candidate and Sanders, at 80, is the young’s.




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But if you buy a FWIW Lucky Crystal, your chances are guaranteed to at least double


State Lotto Commissioner and FWIWs official spokesman, Francis X. Fudrucker: “Somewhere in one of these boxes is the winning ticket. The right crystal power, and it’s yours – buy it now”.

Experts warn, “no way to guarantee winning Power Ball, even if you buy every ticket”.


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Real estate stirs, a little

15 Stone brook

15 Stone Brook

15 Stone Brook (nee Hooker Lane), has a contract, asking price $1.195. It’s spent 737 days on the market partly due, as its listing admits, to its condition: “needed a little [sic] TLC”. They redid the floors, threw some paint around and dropped its price from $1.350 and that seems to have done the trick.

33 Sundance Dr

33 Sundance Drive

The owners of 33 Sundance Drive, Cos Cob, had better luck, and their listing, asking $1.275, found a buyer in just 68 days.

35 Pine Ridge Rd

35 Pine Ridge Rd

Even faster than that, 35 Pine Ridge Road, off Stanwich, asked $1.695 million and went to contract in 33 days, closing last week for $1.665. Pretty, 1937 home in good condition – what wasn’t to like?


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Put him on the Supreme Court, now

Ohio judge dismisses a pro se inmate’s really shitty case by writing a poem.

Cold showers caused his bowels to malfunction

Or so the plaintiff claims

A strict uncaring prison guard

Is whom the plaintiff blames.

While in line for recreation

And little time for hesitation

His anal sphincter just exploded

The plaintiff’s britches quickly loaded.

It made the inmates laugh and play

To see the plaintiff’s pants this way

The foul, unsightly, putrid mess

Caused the plaintiff major stress.

Claiming loss and shame to boot

The plaintiff filed the present suit

But the law provideth no relief

From such unmitigated grief.

Neither runs nor constipation

Can justify this litigation

Whether bowels constrict or flex

De minimus non curat lex.



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Just in case you were missing the old subprime mortgage scandal, Obama’s brought it back.


Come and get it!

New program for Hispanics and other immigrants labelled “alternative mortgages” because the same people who came up with the last fiasco ruined the good name of “subprime”. 

The White House is rolling out a new low-income mortgage program that for the first time lets lenders qualify borrowers by counting income from nonborrowers living in the household. What could go wrong?

The HomeReady program is offered through Fannie Mae, which is now controlled by Obama’s old Congressional Black Caucus pal Mel Watt. It replaces the bankrupted mortgage giant’s notorious old subprime program, MyCommunityMortgage.

In case renaming the subprime product fails to fool anybody, the affordable-housing geniuses in the administration have re-termed “subprime,” a dirty word since the mortgage bust, “alternative.”

At least before the crisis, your income had to be your own. But now, as a renter, you can get a conventional home loan backed by Fannie by claiming other people’s income. That’s right: You can use your apartment roommate’s paycheck to augment your qualifying income. Or your abuela.

You can even claim the earnings of people who are not occupants, such as your parents, under this program.

You don’t need good credit either. You can qualify with a FICO credit score as low as 620, which is subprime. And you can put as little as 3% down.

It’s available for first-time homebuyers and repeat deadbeats. It will also expand to include refinancings.

It’s all part of a government campaign to ease access to home loans for Hispanic immigrants who tend to live in groups and pool finances.

Fannie says that 1 in 4 Hispanic households share dwellings — and finances — with extended families. It says this is a large “underserved” market.

The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, a liberal trade group, is praising the move, arguing it will bring tens of thousands of Hispanic families into the home market who have been “skipped over” by stingy … lenders.

“It’s very encouraging,” NAHREP Chief Executive Gary Acosta said. “It demonstrates that Fannie has done a lot of work on the issue of identifying ways to qualify more people.”



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