But if you buy a FWIW Lucky Crystal, your chances are guaranteed to at least double


State Lotto Commissioner and FWIWs official spokesman, Francis X. Fudrucker: “Somewhere in one of these boxes is the winning ticket. The right crystal power, and it’s yours – buy it now”.

Experts warn, “no way to guarantee winning Power Ball, even if you buy every ticket”.


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5 responses to “But if you buy a FWIW Lucky Crystal, your chances are guaranteed to at least double

  1. Publius

    I find it interesting that all the quant/stat peeps become experts on people’s habits when lottery pools hit large levels. Someone will eventually win this pot so at a basic level the odds of winning are 0% if you do not play while the odds of winning is >0% if you make the minimum $2 dollar wager. The quant peeps will tell you this is a suckers bet while they sip their $4 coffee from SBUX as opposed to Dunkin’ D, while driving to work in the Lexus instead of the Toyota from their brand new constructed house sited atop a railroad track in a hot area of a wealthy town instead of an existing home in another geographic locale. I am sure the sucker who wins this thing will have plenty of cash to indulge in all sorts of foolish spending, the smug quant/stat peeps, not so much.

    Tell me again why a $2 wager on Powerball is stupid?

    • I do agree with Friedman and now, Reynolds, who say paying a couple of bucks for a dream and a brief thrill isn’t a bad way to waste your money, but I do think the bettors who line up, stand outside for hours, and plunk down several hundred dollars for a hopeless chance of becoming a billionaire are being foolish.

      I also don’t fret about it, so long as I don’t catch myself in one of those lines. If I were really smart, though, I’d be pushing a latte cart through the crowd.

  2. FF

    As they tell us at lottery school, the odds of winning with one ticket are 176 million to one, but if you buy two its not 88 million to one, but 2 in 176 million. That, for the statistical geeks, is a significant difference.

    Just play and have fun, and help the state balance our budget!

    • FF – I just asked this question on an older thread, but I repeat it here in case you don’t go back to older threads: Your website suggests to me that Connecticut only takes about a third of ticket sales off the top, and gives about two-thirds back as prizes. Is this correct?

  3. pulled up in OG

    “The state of Connecticut was also a winner. Thanks to strong ticket sales that topped out at more than $50.1 million for the jackpot run, which began on Nov. 7 approximately $21.4 million was generated for the state’s General Fund.”