Real estate stirs, a little

15 Stone brook

15 Stone Brook

15 Stone Brook (nee Hooker Lane), has a contract, asking price $1.195. It’s spent 737 days on the market partly due, as its listing admits, to its condition: “needed a little [sic] TLC”. They redid the floors, threw some paint around and dropped its price from $1.350 and that seems to have done the trick.

33 Sundance Dr

33 Sundance Drive

The owners of 33 Sundance Drive, Cos Cob, had better luck, and their listing, asking $1.275, found a buyer in just 68 days.

35 Pine Ridge Rd

35 Pine Ridge Rd

Even faster than that, 35 Pine Ridge Road, off Stanwich, asked $1.695 million and went to contract in 33 days, closing last week for $1.665. Pretty, 1937 home in good condition – what wasn’t to like?


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7 responses to “Real estate stirs, a little

  1. Love the ’30s home on Pine Ridge, ESPECIALLY what looks like the original kitchen. Classic. That’s when kitchens had character. The only hesitation I have about Pine Ridge is the non-back yard slopes down toward the house so when it rains like a mofo like it did yesterday, I’d worry. Hopefully it’s not a problem. The buyers got a beauty.

  2. I think there are few homes in the Cognewaugh area that look like the former hooker lane house.

  3. Anonymous

    Pine Ridge – convert the first floor bedroom, kitchen, breakfast room and pantry areas into one kitchen/family room/breakfast room combo and you’ll have a great modern layout. As it stands a little odd but for the price, unbeatable.

    • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. IMHO, that would ruin the perfectly cozy and warm layout of the 1930s house. Some of us hate that loud and annoying open concept. The pantry is a gem and I see lots of new-builds add them. Keep it new owner, please. Plus, a first floor bedroom has a lot of benefits for older guests or if the house is to be used into old age when steps might be an issue later. To my eye all it needs is some new paint, maybe refinishing any old hardwood floors, taking up all the carpeting, and freshening the decor.

      • Anonymous

        I like the house overall but no family room is a problem for lots of people, including me. Just think that’s the easiest way to handle it. I generally am against open floor plans, except for the family room/kitchen, where I prefer semi-open.

  4. Anonymous

    Haha – love the Hooker ln home description…classic. This thing is sited on 2 acres that is entirely wetlands and the back yard looks at a rock ledge. I guess it goes to show you everything has a mkt clearing price.