So here’s a bit of a surprise

18 Halock

18 Halock Drive

18 Halock Drive, new construction on the Byram River floodplain, is pending, at $1.795 million. I admittedly don’t keep careful track of prices over there, but that seems like a pretty high price, new construction or no, given the propensity of the Byram to jump its banks each year.

Then again, what price adventure?


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  1. Riverside Chick

    If its new construction, why wouldn’t they put up interior pics?

  2. Anonymous

    I’m not the agent but that looks like a fair price

  3. Anonymous

    the cool thing about that house is they’ll be able to go fishing from the 2nd floor bedroom when the river floods.

    too bad the new buyer didn’t get a photo of their backyard during sandy.

  4. Anonymous

    Why is this blog so ‘surprised’ at so many sales?

    • Because headlines like “Are they fucking serious??!!!” seem harsh.

      • Mickster


      • AJ

        I can’t believe that anyone would pay that kind of money to live off that section of Pemberwick road in the heart of Chickahominy, particularly as real estate bubble #2 is inflating towards the bursting point — the new subprimes (OPM counts as income) will only quicken the pace.

        My guess is that Greenwich real estate is so slow because people are renting until after the next crash when prime Gr. real estate will be offered for a handful of Bazooka Joe comics strips and 25 cents shipping and handling (closing costs).

      • SBH✈️

        TY CF
        First good chuckle all day!

  5. Anonymous

    Halock and the next few streets down the river don’t flood – even during Sandy. I saw the inside and wasn’t in love with the finishings but its a nice house overall.

    • This house is on Caroline Pond, which has been known to flood its banks. The Feds place the property in the AE zone, which would indicate that it floods, and, finally, “flood plains” are so named because it’s where rivers go when they rise.

      • Anonymous

        I live near Halock. We don’t flood. The banks are steep enough to keep the water out of our houses. Yes, we are in a flood zone but never a drop of water in our basement or on the street like they have farther down Pemberwick.
        Decades ago, the army corp did flood control so part of Pemberwick is relatively well protected.

        • Here’s a relevant report. Yes, work was done, but”alleviate” means to lessen, not eliminate. Still and all, Halock is a nice street, and I personally wouldn’t mine living on it precisely because of the river (heck, I live on Ole’s Creek, on the other side of town). But I wouldn’t store anything valuable in my basement or first floor.

          In 1955, back-to-back hurricanes “Connie” and “Diane” brought enormous flooding, erosion and property damage along the Byram River. Three houses were completely destroyed in the Halock Drive area alone. As a result, the Federal government and the Army Corps Of Engineers began an extended flood prevention project from the dam north of Comly Avenue past Halock Drive. Work began in 1959 and was completed in 1962. The extensive construction project of transition walls, levees, and riprap slopes alleviated flooding problems and stabilized the river and pond.

        • Anon99

          Yes, I don’t understand the flooding comments. I have friends who have lived on Halock since the early 90’s and it was never flooded over the banks due to the flood control bank. I have heard about basement seepage once or twice.

          That said, and while Halock is the nicest street in the area, the price seems very high.

    • Anonymous

      Were you there or are you guessing?

    • Anonymous

      Den Lane had flooding. I know this because I was going to buy a place there and the ground floor had evidence of saggy diapers that leaked.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t disagree. Den, Hollowood, River Road, Monica and Lucy flood. They are lower elevation plus the water comes out of the storm drains into the road making it worse. Halock is dry as far as river flooding – its a nice, steep bank that far up.

  6. Anonymous

    Well, as a newcomer in town, I thought I would learn something about the Greenwich market by reading this blog, but you seem so shocked and surprised all the time. So, I am afraid I am not learning that much 😦

    • It’s like a box of chocolates, no?

    • AJ

      You are learning something: how to not come up one million or more underwater when it comes time to sell. You don’t have to look too hard to find examples of such results.

      • Anonymous

        The problem the last time around had very much to do with 100+% financing and no doc loans, and sub prime loans/borrowers, and paid off appraisers and inspectors.
        Around here nowadays means all cash or a Jumbo loan.
        25% min. Skin in the game.

        • AJ

          Well, subprime is back with, I believe, 3% down. But it doesn’t matter how much skin you have in the game because if you can’t pay, you can’t pay. And if you’re underwater, other than borrowing against the cash value of your life insurance, no one is going to give you a loan.

          But a crash doesn’t have to originate in Greenwich to affect Greenwich. And it’s very possible that if you are underwater, your lender may require you to come up with the cash to make up the difference. But even all cash buyers are going to be left holding the bag if all of the sudden their house is worth millions less.

    • Write this down.

      “It’s all wildly overpriced.”

  7. Anonymous

    2m by the time your all furnish and fill the garage.
    All to send your tots to GLENVILLE and WMS

    And it looks PreFabUlous

  8. Portchester Man

    Yo man, sick crib. Just need a few more deals and my record to drop, then I might just cross the border so me and my cusins can use the outdoor pool.

  9. Mickster

    I think the realtor description sold it: “with a master space that incudes a fireplace and twin balconies, which allow for view beautiful sunsets….A guest bedroom with own bath and a Jack and Jill complete this floor…”

  10. Mickster

    Of course you clowns have to remember this is GREENWICH WATERFRONT! Not everyone wants to live in RIverside!!

    • AJ

      I believe that to be considered waterfront in Greenwich the water has to have salt in it and rise and ebb in accordance with the moon. It is close to Catalano’s though, and the Port Chester train station and bars.

  11. AJ

    The Byram and Mianus are tidal and open to the sound south of the Post Road. But yeah, people are always talking up their own shit.

    Take for instance one of my neighbors in Canada who’s so pleased with himself for getting his oil furnace removed and replaced with an electric one for only five thousand bucks — a special deal from a “friend.” He only pays 25 bucks a month more than I do to heat his house and run his lights than I do to just run my lights. Uh-huh, of course he does.

  12. Anonymous

    Guess who’s back, back again, shadys” back, tell a friend
    Settle down man.