So what are the Democrats focusing on?

Global warming, although that’s bound to change, quickly, when it sinks in that no one cares.

Here’s a WSJ poll on Iowa voters. The accompanying article points out, however, that Mrs. Clinton’s appeal lies with older voters and blacks, two groups heavily represented in southern states that will vote on “Super Tuesday”.

Interesting that Clinton is the old people’s candidate and Sanders, at 80, is the young’s.




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8 responses to “So what are the Democrats focusing on?

  1. FF

    Seems to me that poll says Republicans are no longer that concerned about Obamacare, and think the economy and job situation is better than the Democrats think, that immigration is a minor issue that has bipartisan agreement, and a Republican can win by chanting Isis over and over again. NOT what the punditry is saying

    • Anonymous

      What I find interesting are three things. First, there is a discussion of Dem demographics. But the core of the GOP are old white people, primarily from the South. Second, GOP voters in Iowa shows interest in deficits. But some of candidates plans(Trump, Cruz, Huckabee) supposedly add up to $10 trillion, yes trillion, to the deficit. Does that prove that GOP voters from Iowa are low information voters? Third, there has been excellent job growth the last few years as everyone knows. So how is that a GOP concern in Iowa? Maybe low growth on the farms, I am not sure….

      • Anonymous

        Anon, your post sounds like talking points from DNC. Did you cut and paste.

        Let’s start with the statement that most GOP voters are old whites from the south. Do you really believe this? If so, you need to expand your circle of friends beyond your echo chamber.

        You then state $10T added to deficit. Show me exactly how you arrive at this number.

        Lastly, you state job growth has been excellent. Maybe, if you believe the unemployment numbers made up by Obama administration. The factual statistic is the number of people out of the workforce. It is at an all-time record high. The real unemployment is closer to 10%.

        Nuff said Dollar Troll

  2. Occasionally In The Know

    A friend of mine had dinner with Bill C. the other night-Clinton said the amount of money spent on this election will be absolutely astonishing.

  3. Anonymous

    It is amazing how the facts get twisted. I guess we all know that Donald Trump is no fan of the left wing liberal elite. So the poll comes out that his supporters are mostly uneducated. I guess that this means that members of Princeton’s Black Justice League and Amherst Uprising, along with the liberal left from Brown, Harvard, Wesley, Yale, etc. don’ want to vote for him? As Gomer Pyle said: Surprise, Surprise, Surprise.

    CNN is inferring that that if you did not go to college, you can’t make an intelligent choice or an informed decision on who should lead our country. I will take it a step further, that many of our brave men in women in uniform don’t necessarily have college educations, but they willing fight for our freedom and sometimes die for it, yet they don’t have the intelligence to pick a president?

    Donald Trump supporters did not have a very flattering picture painted of them by a new CNN/ORC poll.

    Take it for what it’s worth, but respondents in the poll of Republican voters were found to be largely less college-educated.

    Yahoo broke down the results further, finding that Donald Trump “runs significantly stronger among less-educated, less-affluent voters, and performs particularly well among voters in the 50-64 age range.”


  4. Anonymous

    Yes, we in Greenwich are the oppressors. You can even write about it and win an award.

    Living in Greenwich, CT, an affluent and white neighborhood, it is difficult to prosper as a minority. To dismantle oppression in my community, it is important that people become aware of the cities and towns around them. In a piece produced for NPR, it discusses how a woman from Greenwich didn’t know anyone or anything about Bridgeport, a town just about 35 minutes away. The article states, ‘”I don’t think of it at all,” said Karen Schiff, a well-dressed young woman heading home from the Greenwich train station from her job in New York. “I don’t think I’ve ever even met someone from there. Maybe I drove through, I don’t know”’. Little did she know that the people who work in the expensive stores she shopped at, lived in Bridgeport. (“In Connecticut, Two Sides Of A Deep Economic Divide”). It is important that people in my community know that there are people of different backgrounds all over Connecticut. By becoming aware of the differences between people living in Greenwich and people living in other towns, I think that the people in my community can learn to accept those differences rather than putting them down. Another way to dismantle oppression in my community is to make the elementary schools more diverse. In a 2013 article written for the New York Times, it says, “Adriana Ospina, the lone Hispanic member of the Greenwich Board of Education, said, “You hear some of the kids being referred to as ‘the ghetto kids,’ and that is horrendous.” (Baker). From personal experience, the statement made by Adriana Ospina is completely true. In order to dismantle oppression, it is very important that students in Greenwich are exposed to people with different cultures and backgrounds at a young age so that they are able to see past the color of one’s skin. In Three Ways of Meeting Oppression, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. states, “To accept injustice or segregation passively is to say to the oppressor that his actions are morally right” (King “Three Ways Of Meeting Oppression”). If we let minorities in my community and elsewhere to be put down, it will continue to happen because the oppressors will think that they are not doing anything wrong.

    • Cos Cobber

      Wow, what a pile of nonsense. Where to begin? I’ll start with the fact that Dr King was born in a segregated world that was truly oppressive (and needless to say, shameful and unjust) which is nothing like today’s world.

      Furthermore, ignorance is not oppression. If so, the people of Bridgeport are mighty “oppressive” too as they truly understand little about “Greenwich culture” <–whatever that is. This entire notion that if "we" only understood each other then things would be different is 95% false (red herring). Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese, Japanese, many different Latino groups, etc, etc have emigrated to America since the 1960s to absolutely flourish despite virtually no "diversity training" laid down in front of them to 'clear a path' so to speak. The bottomline is that all people need an opportunity and that opportunity is there in spades in America (it wasn't there for everyone before the 1960s) that is why people come from all over the world and succeed here no matter their skin color. Show me how that is not happening?

      Denying opportunity is oppression and that isn't what is taking place at all. Furthermore, conflating "ignorance" about a place/people with racism is just that, a total misunderstanding of the situation. What is so frustrating about all this is that people mean well, but their diagnosis is completely superficial and way off the mark. Btw, Greenwich people don't understand hog farmers in Missouri very well either or those working in the coal mines of WV and same could be said going the other way (ie middle america vs coastal elites). So does that make them in need of diversity training too? This is all nonsense, the real issue is about opportunity and fairness before the law (equal rights, equal protection, equal treatment).

    • Anonymous

      This idiot should go visit Wilbur Peck Court, Armstrong Court, Adams Gardens, Byram and Chickohominy and then re-read her essay.

      My guess is she lives in OG and only ventures out to G’wich Ave.