After decrying the quality of cafeteria food, college kids (and their administrations) move on to the next big thing: fat “studies”


Coming to a campus near you

Colleges and universities once taught the canons of western, even eastern civilization. Now they teach “studies”, which are critiques of how modern society treats opressed people (by definition, any group except white, heterosexual males).

Fat studies come to campus.

Described as an “emerging academic field” that focuses on combating “weightism,” “fat stigma,” and the “weight based oppression” of fat people, “fat studies” courses are popping up on college campuses across the country.

Typically found in women and gender studies departments, fat studies courses don’t study obesity as a leading cause of death in America but rather approach fatness as a “social justice” issue, and usually focus on “fat liberation” movements and activism as ways to combat the “stigma” attached to obesity.

During the winter 2016 term (happening now), Oregon State University is offering a three-credit course simply titled “Fat Studies.” According to the university website, the course “Frames weight-based oppression as a social justice issue, exploring forms of activism used to counter weightism perpetuated throughout various societal institutions.”

Fat studies courses typically advocate against the position that obesity is unhealthy or undesirable, instead calling for understanding and acceptance. One such course offered by the University of Maryland College Park, singles out dieting as a “special enemy” that must be defeated. The syllabus for “Introduction To Fat Studies” states that the field of fat studies “is not concerned with the eradication of fatness, but with offering a sustained critique of anti-fat sentiment, discrimination, and policy.” Reading material for that course included reading something called the “Fat Liberation Manifesto.” Similarly, Willamette University offered a fat studies class this past fall titled “Fat!: The science, culture, and politics of weight.” According to the university website, the course “takes the perspective of the growing field of fat studies—an approach that asks us to suspend the dominant culture’s often reflexive and moralistic negative judgments about fat.”

Today, Natalie Wood could only get away with this scene because she proclaims she’s gay:



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34 responses to “After decrying the quality of cafeteria food, college kids (and their administrations) move on to the next big thing: fat “studies”

  1. Publius


    Where did you find that picture of Hillary?

  2. Anonymous

    Good thing this was titled NSFW. Oh wait.

  3. Anonymous

    When will it dawn upon these people that degrees based on such “studies” are completely worthless in the “real world”? Greenwich Oldtimer

  4. AJ

    When Worlds Collide — Mein Kampf sells out instantly in Germany.

    Video of Hitler’s strong nationalist speeches with accurate English subtitles and another clip of integrated Muslims who think Germans are disgusting and should get out of their own country.

  5. Anonymous

    What would Walt do with that fine young lady in the picture? Wine women and song …

  6. True story: the daughter of one of my friends just finished her PhD in psychology specializing in Women’s Body Image. She wants to open a clinic to help women with such issues. Irony: she’s one of the most beautiful young women I know. Stunning actually. Tall. Shapely. As close to perfection as God can crate. I can’t imagine how on earth she could relate to anyone with a body image issue. Or maybe the better thing to say is that I can’t imagine how on earth anyone with a body image issue could relate to her telling them what their problem is.

    • AJ

      If you wanted to lose weight, who would you listen to? Somebody who’s slim and trim? Or a fat porker who obviously doesn’t know what she’s talking about or doesn’t practice what she preaches.

      Now all she has to do is take her after picture before putting on forty pounds to take her before picture. So sneaky.

      • I see where you are going but I do think fat people tend to listen to someone who has been fat but who has lost the weight and is now trim. Like Richard Simmons etc. Someone who has never been fat has no concept, other than what they glean from a text book.

        I think the same premise is true for AA. A fellow drinker is about the only one who can understand and help another drinker.

    • Anonymous

      Makes perfect sense to me: I always thought “Women’s Body Image” was a euphemism for bulimia and anorexia. Fat people typically know they’re fat. It’s the skinny anorexic ones that still think they’re fat = “body image issues.” So, my guess is your daughter’s friend has visited the porcelain goddess often enough herself that she’s an expert.

      • Your theory makes sense on many levels and is probably true for others in the field, but I’ve known this girl since she was three – she’s a top-notch athlete and has always been toned, and always been gorgeous. Not even a gawky age 13. I don’t see that she’d be throwing up in the bathroom.

        • peg

          “I’ve known this girl since she was three – she’s a top-notch athlete and has always been toned, and always been gorgeous. Not even a gawky age 13.”

          EOS – never met this girl, and already I hate her guts.

    • Anonymous

      Pics please!!!

  7. Anonymous

    ahh, yet another generation of unemployable worthless degree-laden college grads entering the real world.

    i’d cut off all college funding if my kid decided that was their chosen course. then they could major in get-a-job-studies, and minor in community college/technical school.

    florida waterfront house, here i come!

    • Cos Cobber

      meanwhile the chinese and indian kids get the real degrees to build real careers. in another generation, wealth in america will certainly be different as all the kids that got the soft degrees move down the economic ladder after they were misdirected to “study what interests them.”

      • Anonymous

        an acquaintance of mine works at a private international school (there’s several of them in various locales). your words are very true. we’re talking about junior high kids who are conquering advanced s.t.e.m. and other disciplines, as well as a having the usual assortment of traditional liberal arts courses (english, history, etc) that provide for producing well rounded students.

        fat studies. really, what a waste. truly a waste.

        • FF

          I have to disagree. Apparently the obesity epidemic has turbocharged the weight loss industry to the tune of 100 billion. I would think the overweight Greenwich mama would pay through the nose for the phd weight loss expert than some Shelton Jenny Craig schlub. Especially if they can wrap it up in some kind of rationale. Hell, the stupid money they throw at semiotics majors to teach their kids SAT prep is a guide

  8. hmmm… in twenty years, Mean Girls just won’t make any sense

  9. Once again, the relevant science (that obesity kills people) will be discarded in the interest of social justice.

    The economics here is one bright side. At least they won’t collect much in SS retirement benefits.

  10. Cos Cobber

    So does this mean the horrible church shooting in South Carolina was not about racism? Its absurd to deny the obvious in both cases.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe it was or it wasn’t. Either way, if you’re black and you are murdered the probability is over 90% it was committed by someone who was also black. Let’s ignore that fact and find a handful of examples to promote agendas.

      Saying both cases isn’t quite honest, either. There is a motivating force behind one of these and a far larger quantity of incidents as well.

      Isn’t it great that the President isn’t afraid of ISIS attacks? He has a security service protecting him.

  11. Chris, when you catalogue the inanities and stupidities of liberalism, can’t you avoid showing us horrors like that fat lady?
    If you show that image before lunch, we’ll need a trigger warning…
    Or can you and Walt give equal time to pictures of girls who appeal to the 14 year old boy in all of us, please?

  12. Jackb26 Brem

    So.. how long before some university decides to add Stupid Studies to the curriculum ?

  13. Anony

    Oh Hell. The students should give their university $100,000, the college will give the student a diploma piece of paper and that will be that. Why even bother going to class with all this rubbish?

  14. Seb

    Fat America you are number 1 same as Mexico (Donald Twat knows that?). U.S. invented all the rubbish the world loves. Crappy Starfucks, McShite and on an on…What’s next? Studies of why Potus’s wife is soo classy? (LMFAO). Not excuses but I am obsessed about the mess that is America.

  15. Seb

    Typical Americana. Being anonymous, afraid of anything. You might put a sock in it.