New Listing by Kaali-Nagy

14 Rockwood Lane

14 Rockwood Lane

14 Rockwood Lane, $7.925 million. I haven’t seen it since it was finished, but I had a client very interested in this project last spring, so I’ve reviewed the plans, walked the land, and spoken with both Kaali-Nagys, father and son, a couple of times about what was being planned, and I have no doubt this is a beautiful home. I’m looking forward to touring it. Really good location on some of the best land in Rockwood, which can be dodgy in areas, and, at least last spring, was price competitive with other houses built to this quality.

Of course, that was last spring. My own buyer wandered off, probably because he was an oil trader, and this has not been the year for oil, but before he did we were also considering a very similar, but larger (12,750 sq. ft. vs 8,375) Kaali-Nagy house at 3 Old Round Hill Lane, which was then priced at $8.995, and just last week that one was marked down to $7.995. I like the location and size of this new one better, but still ….


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  1. Anonymous

    The K-N’s seem to like this design a lot. Look at 6 and 6A Cross Road in Darien for $6.495MM

    • His designs are always eye pleasing, to my eye at least, and he really nails rooms’ proportions. I never feel as though I’ve wandered into an airplane hangar by mistake when I’m in a Kaali-Nagy home.

  2. Anonymous

    Agreed CF. I toured the house today. Really nice property with old tree’s and great lawn. The house was very inviting and typical Kaali-Nagy. It will go quickly

  3. Anonymous


    This bear market has been extremely good to oil traders. The contango (Futures higher than Spot) its a god send money maker for any oil trader with storage. I know a couple of traders from the big houses that are expecting record payouts. Wall Street is out of that game, but the other guys are printing, literally printing money.

    Refinery margings also great. Fantastics for traders as well.

    If your buyer its an oil trader he is looking now to get into a bigger house, not smaller.

  4. Anonymous

    OT. Buyers/sellers of 16 Mortimer. Definition of Insane.

    • Anonymous

      Why are they insane? Seems like they were transferred – owning just a year

      • Anonymous

        That they haven’t realized that a brand new house is like a brand new car. You pay a hefty premium for being the first one to scratch those floors. IMO, they also paid a hefty price (for what was agreed on here to be a much smaller than 4500 sq foot house & having seen it have to concur) & they’re trying to walk away unharmed.

  5. Anonymous

    Jerry Hall is in love.
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    • Anonymous

      There’s no fool like an old fool. Murdoch divorces that Asian woman who sprang to his defense when a guy hit him in the face with a pie? She went ape on the pie guy and punched him out. Now he’s replacing that loyal soldier with Mick Jagger’s used goods? Sheesh.

  6. Anonymous

    You would think for this price range they could afford a better photographer. Every one of those pictures are blurry.

  7. Anonymous

    How about finishing the top coat of pavement.
    And where’s the pool?

    • I know a beautiful pool was in the design, as was, of course, a top coat. A pool, once approved by the town, is pretty much locked in to location, shape, etc., so builders often leave the final choice to the buyer, who may have a different idea, or even not want a pool at all. As for the driveway, if contractors are still coming and going over it, the top coat is delayed until they no longer are.

  8. Anonymous

    I was disappointed with this house- I usually really like Kaali-Nagy houses. The living room was too small for the proportion of the house, the kitchen being sideways seemed awkward and some of the finishes were not the usual high quality. (front door cheap) Very nice land but at least 1 million over priced in my opinion!

  9. 1888

    The sky blue paint on the porch ceiling is very nice — old school.

  10. Anonymous

    I think it is a very well designed and built home compared to its “comps”.