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An imposter in the White House?

More and more, I’m becoming convinced that Obama returned to his Kenyan birthplace in 2004, and  it’s been Ray Charles that people have heard tickling the ivories late at night in the ballroom.

Just sayin’.


Same guy?


“Obama”, or so they say


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Just when AJ seems a tad paranoid, our government moves to confirm his fears

Over the river and through the woods ... to Grandmother's house we go? Oops!

Over the river and through the woods … to Grandmother’s house we go? Oops!

Mark Steyn has a great article on the decline – abdication, really – of the US, but he adds to it by using a portion of the United States of SWAT: by

Dozens of federal agencies now have Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams to further an expanding definition of their missions. It’s not controversial that the Secret Service and the Bureau of Prisons have them. But what about the Department of Agriculture, the Railroad Retirement Board, the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Office of Personnel Management, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service? All of these have their own SWAT units and are part of a worrying trend towards the militarization of federal agencies — not to mention local police forces.

“Law-enforcement agencies across the U.S., at every level of government, have been blurring the line between police officer and soldier,” journalist Radley Balko writes in his 2013 book Rise of the Warrior Cop. “The war on drugs and, more recently, post-9/11 antiterrorism efforts have created a new figure on the U.S. scene: the warrior cop — armed to the teeth, ready to deal harshly with targeted wrongdoers, and a growing threat to familiar American liberties.”

The proliferation of paramilitary federal SWAT teams inevitably brings abuses that have nothing to do with either drugs or terrorism. Many of the raids they conduct are against harmless, often innocent, Americans who typically are accused of non-violent civil or administrative violations.

Take the case of Kenneth Wright of Stockton, Calif., who was “visited” by a SWAT team from the U.S. Department of Education in June 2011. Agents battered down the door of his home at 6 a.m., dragged him outside in his boxer shorts, and handcuffed him as they put his three children (ages 3, 7, and 11) in a police car for two hours while they searched his home. The raid was allegedly intended to uncover information on Wright’s estranged wife, Michelle, who hadn’t been living with him and was suspected of college financial-aid fraud.

As I always say, the US Secretary of Education doesn’t employ a single teacher but he is the only education minister in the western world with his own personal SWAT team. Americans will end their days in a very dark place unless this vile trend is reversed.



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Finally, a voice of reason from across the pond

Arab lust

Boys will be boys

Writing for The Independent, an Oxford homosexual (well of course he is – Oxford’s been minting poofters and Nancy Boys since 1066, when Henry V founded the place. The most recent survey of exiting male graduates showed that 63.72 % had enjoyed pleasuring or being pleasured by a member of the same sex during matriculation) named Edward Siddons instructs us not to blame the smarmy desert rats who are groping, raping and otherwise assaulting western women, but to blame the male sex instead.  One, he says, is a forbidden generalization; the other is just recognition of the plain fact that all men are rapists at heart.

Condemnation is an act of distancing, or signalling one’s own moral values in relation to an event, or in this case, a people. The North African and Arab perpetrators are not like us: they are symbols of misogynistic cultures in which the routine sexual assault and rape of women is normalised. Ultimately, they are different.

In focussing on difference, in this case, racial or ethnic difference, we miss vital similarity. There is a common thread throughout these assaults and the vast majority of violence against women throughout the world. The perpetrators are men.

It would be helpful had Mr. Siddon explained the alternative to condemnation of rape and the religious edict that homosexuals be tortured before execution and dishonored women (that would be raped, in Islam) stoned or hanged. Acceptance? Neutrality? How very open-minded of this suicidal young man.

And I do wish he’d pointed to the New Years celebrations of the past decade where western Germans went on a rampage against women, or Swedes fondled women in public pools, so we could see his point that it’s not them, it’s us.

Maybe next year.


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What about those of us offended by communist dictators and thieves?

Banana Republic Obama

El Presidente is sooo cool!

The Obama administration, a year after using its power to deny trademark protection to the Washington Redskins on the ground that some people found the name distasteful, has reversed our own court system’s repeated, settled law and granted Castro the right to use the trademark Havana Club Rum, a brand stolen from the rightful owners in 1960. 

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office this week awarded a trademark for Havana Club rum—Cuba’s most famous brand—to the Cuban government, reversing a policy that denied Havana rights to the brand in the U.S.

The move is expected to reignite longstanding tension between Bacardi Ltd. and the Cuban government.

Privately held Bacardi has been selling Havana Club branded rum in the U.S. since 1994. The company acquired the U.S. rights from Havana Club’s founding family, who fled Cuba around 1960 after the brand was seized by the government. Bacardi’s Havana Club rum is made in Puerto Rico due to the U.S. economic embargo.

It’s obvious: Obama runs our country as his personal fiefdom, acting as he sees fit. He doesn’t like politically incorrect logos and names, so they must go, despite the law. He sees nothing to dislike in confiscation of private property or the exercise of dictatorial powers, so he denies, again, the private property rights of our own citizens and hands it over to his friends.

We are no longer a nation of law.


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Snow’s an inconvenient thing, always showing up and ruining a good story


Stunned Welsh sheep drag out their tattered copies of “A Child’s Christmas in Wales” and prepare to settle in for the night with a nice cup of tea

Snow is back in Britain, again, so it’s traditional to cite, again, Charles Onian’s (who, surprisingly, does not write for the Onion, though he should)  dire warning in The Independent (and repeated in the NYT)  that “Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past”.


Britain’s winter ends tomorrow with further indications of a striking environmental change: snow is starting to disappear from our lives.

Sledges, snowmen, snowballs and the excitement of waking to find that the stuff has settled outside are all a rapidly diminishing part of Britain’s culture, as warmer winters – which scientists are attributing to global climate change – produce not only fewer white Christmases, but fewer white Januaries and Februaries.

The first two months of 2000 were virtually free of significant snowfall in much of lowland Britain, and December brought only moderate snowfall in the South-east. It is the continuation of a trend that has been increasingly visible in the past 15 years: in the south of England, for instance, from 1970 to 1995 snow and sleet fell for an average of 3.7 days, while from 1988 to 1995 the average was 0.7 days. London’s last substantial snowfall was in February 1991.

Global warming, the heating of the atmosphere by increased amounts of industrial gases, is now accepted as a reality by the international community.

Latest forecast for the sunny isle: Snow from Scotland to London tonight: Britain to be blanketed with three inches falling across huge area of the country as temperatures plummet to -10C

I have no idea how cold -10C is, but it’s cold enough to snow, obviously, and certainly colder than Bali. Probably cold enough to freeze Mr. Onian’s onions off.


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