Busting stereotypes

Greenwich is holding a “Coffee with a Cop” session in Old Greenwich, but at the bagel shop, not Dunkin’ Donuts. 

“I’m fed up with you people making fun of us and our doughnuts”, Greenwich Chief of Detective Mark N. Kordick told FWIW. “There’s nothing wrong with a frosted cruller, and the fact that we’ve been pressured to eat a friggin’ lump of water-baked dough just to please freaks like you makes me sick. But we’ll be there – just don’t park in the wrong place or I’ll have you towed faster than you can say poppy seed.”

Of interest, perhaps, is that this initiative is paid for by you, but from your federal, rather than municipal taxes. The national government feels that proper training is necessary before local police can meet with their neighbors and so, naturally, they’ve funded a program to provide just that.

That means, of course, that you’re also footing the bill for similar coffee klatches around the country. Feel better now?

cop car

Get me an everything wit a schmear


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11 responses to “Busting stereotypes

  1. Anonymous

    I assume the police are being paid while on this lark. So we’re paying both Federally and locally.

  2. Anonymous

    At least the Greenwich police recognize a superior bagel. I assume it’s Upper Crust.

  3. James


  4. AJ

    When’s do a doobie with a cop day coming? I’d so like to believe in Officer Friendly again.

  5. I thought that Hugh Jassole was the Chief of Detectives.

    • Mickster

      Richard, you live in Westchester so I suggest you BUTT out of this!! 😈😈😈

      • LAK

        How do you all know each other? You have a coffee click every now & then? How do I get invited??

        • Mickster

          LAK, We don’t but I remember Richard’s comments from the past and I have a problem someone from out of town criticizing our boys in blue…that’s my prerogative when appropriate..say hi to GPD Folk

      • Anon

        Mickster, Not so fast. If I recollect correctly, Richard was raised in Greenwich. He therefore has cred in this fight.