It’s getting there

6 glen road

6 Glen Road

6 Glen Road, which started in June at the ridiculous price of $1.795 million, has been dropped to $1.395 million. I’m not saying that this is finally the right price, but it’s closer.

Glen Road’s a busy cut-through and, with all respect to the current owners’ taste, the decorating here seems a bit fussy for the younger couples who comprise the likely buyer pool for this house. That’s a silly quibble, because no one keeps a newly purchased house decorated as the previous owners did, and nothing’s easier to change, but it can still deter buyers.


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9 responses to “It’s getting there

  1. Publius


    Does the fuss include a through the wall A/C unit protruding from the front of the house?

  2. My blogging pal Julia who hosts Hooked on Houses has a post today about a charmer for sale in Riverside, on Lake Drive. Very pretty.

    • Cobra

      That’s a beauty! Right around a couple of corners from where Chris and I grew up. Right across from the railroad, but at least it’s an easy walk if commuting.

      • That whole street looks beautiful, full of classic old homes now renovated with young happy families living in them. Is $2.7 steep for this house? I imagine the short walk to the train station adds several hundred thousand to the asking price plus column.

        • Anon99

          The “Lake” is greatly exaggerated, really a smallish pond. Doubt there is any premium for walk to train in this location-close enough to be offset by the train noise discount. I do think this is priced about right for an older home.

  3. AJ

    Hillary looks none too happy when asked if she’s been questioned by the FBI. Video clip.

  4. Cos Cobber

    Yikes, the rooms in this home are tiny. That and the cut through street location hurts. Probably a 1,050k place.

  5. Anonymous

    How the heck did they fit 2,927 sft in there? Does that include the basement?

  6. Anonymous

    is this down to land value?