Sale and a price cut, two bits

70A Sinawoy

70a Sinawoy

70a Sinawoy Road, Cos Cob, new construction on a back lot, asked $1.895, got $1.675 million. No one likes shared driveways, but then, that’s probably why the buyers got this house for what they did. It’s a lot of house, for what passes in Greenwich for a “reasonable” price.

72 Hillcrest Park Road

72 Hillcrest Park Road

Over in Hillcrest, 72 Hillcrest Park Road has dropped again, and is now asking $2.495 million, down from its original $2.8. The owners paid $2.3 for it in 2013, and I’m not sure that I saw $500,000 improvements. Central a/c and a new furnace are nice to have but (a) they don’t cost $500,000 and (b) both items are expected in this price range, so buyers tend not to want to pay extra for them

But it’s a great house, built in 1902 on 1.8 acres, in Hillcrest, so now it’s looking fairly reasonable. Very much worth seeing if that’s your price range.


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17 responses to “Sale and a price cut, two bits

  1. Anonymous

    72 HCP needs to hit the bid before the new homes start sprouting up on Hillcrest Lane. Nice house, decent backyard, quiet spot, but it is showing its age no doubt.

  2. Anonymous

    70 Sinawoy will make you gain 5-10 lbs/year.
    Just too convenient to Rinaldi’s deli.

  3. Wow, Sinawoy was a steal. Great house, great location. I think a backlot has advantages to compensate for the shared driveway. You don’t have the cars driving by. Hillcrest is gorgeous and also a lot of beautiful house for the money. They don’t build homes like that anymore.

  4. Cos Cobber

    Sinawoy is a good deal for the buyer….but what held down the price is the very small backyard.

  5. Anonymous

    If you can buy 72 HC for roughly what it previously sold for in 2013 then you’ve probably done all right. That is a very nice house on some great land. Is that an apartment off the garage as well?

  6. Anonymous

    Hillcrest is a beautiful home. If I were in the market, I would grab at this price. I imagine the new properties on Hillcrest Lane will be much more expensive — and will be your standard Greenwich homes. This home has style and elegance.

    • Agree it’s a beauty. Which is the front of the house – photo 23 or 26? I can’t tell. Photo 26 looks like there’s some inconsistency in the windows – I might plunk some money into making them fit the home age, getting rid of the single panes for some muntins.

      Those ceilings – especially the sunburst one in the foyer(?)….Gorgeous.

  7. Anonymous

    If buyers expect central and a working furnace in this price range then presumably the last sale price reflected a discount for the lack of them?

  8. Anonymous

    Hillcrest house and neighborhood very special — agree that pricing seems reasonable and this price. Also, I am sure that the new homes on Hillside will be the same size and because they are new and part of a development will sell for at least $3.5 MM plus.

  9. Anonymous

    My family lived at 72 Hillcrest for roughly twenty years – it is a very special house. The kitchen renovation (since our time) seems out of keeping with the spirit of the house, but I love that they had the guts to paint all of the wood in the sweeping living/dining room white – it needed brightening up! Hillcrest Park is such a lovely area of town and this house such a gem – a steal at this price! I hope it finds a buyer who will appreciate the unique history and character of the house.