What a disappointment it was to learn that he had NOT been raped by a bear


All aboard (well no, all who are INVITED aboard) HMS Leo

Leonardo DiCaprio, having flown to Davos, Switzerland on his private jet, took the occasion to blast greedy, wicked big oil and coal companies for despoiling the earth.

DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) — Fresh off his Golden Globe win, Leonardo DiCaprio drew ooohs, ahhs and smiles from a crowd as he was honored for his work against the climate crisis at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Then he ripped into Big Oil.

The Hollywood star of “The Revenant” traded the North American snows for white Alpine slopes at a ceremony Tuesday where he announced his foundation was donating another $15 million to environmental projects, and pleaded with business leaders and other notables on hand to help battle climate change.

“We simply cannot allow the corporate greed of the coal, oil and gas industries to determine the future of humanity,” DiCaprio said to polite applause. “Those entities with a financial interest in preserving this destructive system have denied and even covered up the evidence of our changing climate.

“Enough is enough. You know better. The world knows better. History will place the blame for this devastation squarely at their feet.”

More likely, at stupid, posturing morons like Leonardo’s feet. The industries he attacks supply us with energy and feed the world. He provides what we already have too much of: hot air.

As others – but not the sycophants at Davos – have noticed, everything DiCaprio says about climate change and the need to change our lifestyles clashes directly and completely with his own er, … lifestyle.

“We’re digging our own ecological grave.”

Even now, [DiCaprio’s] 7,000-square-foot retro retreat [in Palm Springs] harks back to the 1960s Rat Pack era with its low-slung ceilings and glass walls … The desert dwelling features six bedrooms, seven-and-a-half bathrooms, and a swimming pool with pool house, tennis court and glass pavilion.

“It relates to what is going on in today’s world in a much more destructive manner taking over nature for our own luxuries.”

Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio has taken over one of the world’s largest superyachts in order to watch the World Cup in style. DiCaprio and more than 20 friends are said to have taken over the 482-foot Topaz, worth £400million, while staying in Brazil for the football tournament….The stunning vessel features a deck top jacuzzi, a swimming pool, fitness hall, cinema and large conference room. And if getting to the games is a problem, the yacht also has not one, but two helicopter landing pad.

“What we’re now doing to the natural world is a thousand times more destructive than it’s ever been before.”

RadarOnline said that several documents relating to Sony corporate travel records show the Titanic and Wolf Of Wall Street star took six private roundtrip private jet flights during April and May 2014. 

Each time the studio picked up the cost of the plane as well as catering and car service at the departure and arrival destinations. 

“We’re changing our climates irreparably, and climate change lasts tens of thousands, if not millions, of years.”

MailOnline can report that DiCaprio took at least 20 trips across the nation and around the world this year alone – including numerous flights from New York to Los Angeles and back, a ski vacation to the French Alps, another vacation to the French Riviera, flights to London and Tokoyo to promote his film Wolf of Wall Street, two trips to Miami and trip to Brazil to watch the World Cup.

“The idea of pursuing material objects your whole life is absolutely soulless.”

The top quote belongs to DiCaprio, who was paid $25 million up front for The Wolf of Wall Street. But this came with a catch: It also included his producing fee, and budget overruns meant he had to defer some of his salary.

The actor owns properties on both coasts. His Tinseltown compound lies in the Hollywood Hills, comprised of two adjoining land parcels (one purchased from Madonna ) and touting a massive basketball court the movie star built. He also owns two Malibu beachfront homes, including a seven-bedroom Malibu Colony home asking $75,000 per month in rent.

An inquisitive journalist might want to press the actor on these inconsistencies. If DiCaprio wants to use his celebrity bully pulpit, then he should be ready to defend himself.

Then again, fellow climate change alarmist Mark Ruffalo essentially said those questions aren’t fair. “Anyone who attacks Leonardo DiCaprio is either a coward or an ideologue,” the “Avengers” star said during a Climate Change rally in 2014 where both he and DiCaprio spoke.


Six private jet flights, courtesy of Sony, in just two months, April, May, in 2014. He didn’t stop there.


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28 responses to “What a disappointment it was to learn that he had NOT been raped by a bear

  1. Anonymous

    CA royalty, whether in Silicon Valley or Hollywood think they are above the rules for everyone else.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      But they ARE above the rules for everyone else and they’re good Marxist progressives too. Remember the first rule of Communism: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need We all have the ability to underwrite Lenny’s lifestyle by paying money to view his films and he has the need to fly in private jets here and there on a whim or rent a massive $650 million boat for a few weeks to entertain his friends. So, where’s the hypocrisy?


  2. It would be poignant if Leo won an Oscar this year, but, the show was cancelled because the BLMers had chained themselves around the Dolby Theater in protest for, well, reasons.

  3. Fatdaddy

    Leo in Davos is almost as stupid as Malloy’s trip to Davos was. Almost.
    What a circle-jerk.

  4. AJ

    So when is he going to get a solar powered jet?

  5. AJ

    Didn’t he dump his supermodel girlfriend because she was the antithesis of his bear humping mountain man roll? You’ve got to admire the man: he’ll stay in character right up to the Oscars, which I’m boycotting because they suck.

  6. Cos Cobber

    We should start with a 99% income tax on Oscar nominees which will be used to buy carbon sinks.

    These people define hypocrisy. Few in this world pollute more over their entire lifetime than a month in the life of a Hollywood jet setter. They couldn’t last a day living under the sacrifice they wish to impose on mankind. The reality is, the cost to defeat global warming is extremely high….as in, it will require that we send mankind back to the stone age.

    • My rant

      More like, Man will return to the stone age and the climate will do what it wants to do, which is anyone’s guess.

  7. Anonymous

    The environmental preaching I could lose. The jets, yachts, posse and pussy I’m just plain jealous.

  8. AJ

    HUD calls for e-cigarettes to be banned in public housing to save the children from the evils of secondhand smoke. https://quittingiseasy.com/2016/01/e-cigarettes-banned-for-secondhand-smoke/

  9. Anonymous

    Did he even graduate high school? People are taking the word of guy with GED degree. That’s some crazy shit. If he was black, he probably would have gone to … Columbia and Harvard Law?