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And do they now only get 36 virgins?


And yet we work SO hard!

ISIS cuts pay of its workers by half. “We cut our victims in half, why not their executioners’ salaries?” ISIS spokesman Omar Shariff pointed out to reporters.

Of course, even at $200 per month, the pay is 10X what a Cuban dentist makes, and that poor guy doesn’t get any virgins at all.


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$2.499 for Orchard Street?

219 Orchard street

219 Orchard Street

That’s what 219 Orchard is asking, and it’s a good house, so I would think it will go somewhere near there.  Built in 2007 by a local builder who does nice work, it sold that year to these owners for $2.7. I was surprised (there’s that word again) when it fetched so much, considering the busy street that it’s on, but it does have the Pomerance Estate as a backyard neighbor and, as I’ve noted, it’s  well built house.

These sellers tried $2.999 without success. Now they’ve switched brokers and prices and are trying again. If it does sell, it will be because of the new price, not the agent – we’re just not that important, especially on the listing side.


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Perryridge is going to surprise someone; me or this builder

13 Perryridge

13 Perryridge Road

13 Perryridge, new construction on 0.17 of an acre touting 3,632 feet, but almost surely a 1/3 of that will be found either in the one-car garage or underground, hit the market today at $2.635 million. I don’t see a house which boasts what seem to be 2X3′ closets in the kids’ bedrooms and  no place to put those kids except the basement garnering this kind of money, but not everyone has children, of course, and a rich young anesthesiologist may be delighted to pay for the opportunity to be lulled to sleep by his employer’s ambulance fleet. Who knows?


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A variety of back country property is for sale

11 Chateau Ridge, owned by the estate of Vince Camuto (founder of Nine West) is available, either four subdivide lots (23 acres, total) for $8 million, or one 8-acre lot for $2.950. Both seem high for land this far north, but not outrageous, and a 23-acre parcel is pretty rare, these days. Too bad there doesn’t seem to be much of a market for that size anymore.

42 John

42 John Street

Up at 42 John Street, you can also get 8 acres, but this one does come with a house, so that’s maybe a better deal at $5.250 – certainly you couldn’t build it for the  $2.2 difference. On the other hand, this property’s come down $2 million over the past two years, so if it keeps at that pace, you should be able to pick it up for $3 in 2018. I’d wait.


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Harbor Point sale

11 Cherry Tree

11 Cherry Tree Lane

11 Cherry Tree Lane, $3.365 million. (That link’s to a video tour – print edition here). Seems like a pretty good price for this neighborhood and this house. Cherry Tree itself is subject to flooding, but not, usually, the houses on it, which sit up high. Not sure how this one’s garage will do.

I note on the listing a reference to the gates of the association being shut and manned. If so, this is new, and I wonder whether they’ve been experiencing crime way down here, or whether new owners are just more frightened these days? I’m guessing it’s the latter, because driving all the way down Indian Head Road to rob houses in a neighborhood whose streets all dead-end at the water seems like a business plan with low prospects for success.



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These days, expert dietary guidelines last about 15 minutes

Irish peasant

1966: The Mickster earns his passage to America

April 26, 2015: eating potatoes during pregnancy is good for you and your baby

Eating a healthy diet is important for everyone, but it becomes even more so when you are pregnant. This is because you need more nutrients to support your condition and, in terms of quality, you really are eating for two. What goes into your mouth affects your baby’s health as well as your own. You will have to avoid certain foods during pregnancy, but potatoes are not one of them.

January 13, 2016: Eating potatoes during pregnancy can increase risk of  gestational diabetes.

Next thing you know, those experts will reverse themselves and admit that butter is better than margarine. Oops! They’ve done that.

Okay, but at least we know that snow will soon be a thing of the past. At least until Friday.


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