Perryridge is going to surprise someone; me or this builder

13 Perryridge

13 Perryridge Road

13 Perryridge, new construction on 0.17 of an acre touting 3,632 feet, but almost surely a 1/3 of that will be found either in the one-car garage or underground, hit the market today at $2.635 million. I don’t see a house which boasts what seem to be 2X3′ closets in the kids’ bedrooms and  no place to put those kids except the basement garnering this kind of money, but not everyone has children, of course, and a rich young anesthesiologist may be delighted to pay for the opportunity to be lulled to sleep by his employer’s ambulance fleet. Who knows?


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38 responses to “Perryridge is going to surprise someone; me or this builder

  1. Anonymous

    Yikes. No family room is a problem. Don’t understand why they’d shoehorn in enough bedrooms and bathrooms for a family of six when they could’ve instead had a livable floorplan for a family of four.

  2. Anon

    I don’t see a laundry room on the floor plan. The long counter and small sink in the mud room seems a logical place for a w/d instead of what’s there.

  3. Publius

    I am sure that there are potential buyers in the Greenwich market after witnessing the recent and ongoing destruction of global financial assets perhaps including their own, will snap up this gem because as you know being long Greenwich real estate is a slam dunk….

  4. For the record, we don’t hear ambulances on Perryridge…maybe once in a blue moon, but it is rare.

  5. Anonymous

    In 12 months this will still be sitting and reduced to 1.89m.

  6. Anonymous

    Have to confirm as someone who lives in hospital vicinity, I perceive no real issue with ambulance sirens. They’re pretty considerate.

    • edgewater

      i think the absence of ambulances is more a factor of greenwich hospital not being the destination of choice for truly serious medical issues. sad to say.

      • schooner1

        Plastic surgery and having babies, no other reason to go to that hospital. I remember there was a bus accident on Lake Ave circle a few years back with some trauma injuries. they took them all to Stamford Hospital even though you could see Greenwich from the accident. too funny.

        • In fact, that’s because Stamford has been designated the local trauma center, so accident victims have to be taken to that hospital. I don’t know whether that’s improved care or not, but that’s the deal.

        • Mid-Country Cos Cobber

          Greenwich Hospital is a community level hospital, the lowest hospital criteria that exists. Stamford is where you should go with everything

        • Matt

          They still serve the lobster tail when you have a baby. You have to bring your own Champagne now though.

    • Anonymous

      When I moved to town, my neighbor (25 yr reaident) advised: “Greenwich Hospital is where you go to deliver babies and for alcohol overdose. Everythings else, go to Stamford”

  7. OT, but Bernie Sanders wants to make healthcare more affordable by spending $41 trillion:
    If a little government spending is good, why let’s have a lot of it…..

    As someone smart said, if you think healthcare is expensive now, wait until you see how much it will cost when it’s free!


    • hmmm

      How are you any different. You pander for the current republicans in office. Please show me the difference between Paul Ryan and anyone on the demorcats team. They’re all for big business.

  8. Anonymous

    The ambulances don’t come in that way – they come off the Post Rd at Dearfield or Lafayette usually. No ambulance driver wants to play slalum between all the parked cars on Perryridge.

  9. Anonymous

    Is it me or there no normal height storage in that kitchen? You’d have to bend down or climb up to get anything all day long.

  10. Anonymous

    New construction ?! Looks like an expanded cape w shed dormer.

  11. Anonymous

    You should never go to Greenwich Hospital except for non life threatening medical issues. And who in their right mind builds a house in this day and age without a family room? Really stupid! Don’t need all those bedrooms. Should have built a house that would appeal to downsizes – decent entertaining rooms on the first floor with maybe a master and 3-4 bedrooms tops on the second floor. Maybe a newly divorced dr will purchase. Crazy price!

  12. Anonymous

    I have nothing at stake here but I hope this house sells close to ask just to shut up the miserable naysayers.

  13. Anonymous

    Pretty sure that is a gut reno, not real new construction.

  14. Anonymous

    That’s new construction? Should have hired an architect. That 2nd floor exterior is awful!

    • Anonymous

      There was an architect.

    • desidog

      No dining room; no laundry room, a 4×3 “walk in” closet? Hell, all those closets’ layouts suck balls. A giant window in a closet.. where does the hanging rod go?

      And the kitchen cabs ABOVE the windows?

      Is there a fire place in the Living Room, or just a hearth stone?

      ..and i won’t get into the aesthetics.

      I’ve seen better layouts drawn on napkins by housewives who have no formal architectural education.

      Whoever signed off and financed this design deserves to lose their shorts.

  15. Anonymous

    sorry, not naysayers, but many discerning eyes citing obvious facts

  16. Anonymous

    How do you get in and out of the front door on a rainy day without getting soaked? No gutter…

    • Anonymous

      Pretty sure the gutter doesn’t catch all the rain falling from the sky, so I think you’ll still get wet on a rainy day even if there’s a gutter there.

  17. Anonymous

    Somebody will buy it — new construction/renovation seems to sell at a pretty steep premium.

  18. Anonymous

    You are absolutely correct desidog! One of the worst examples of new construction that I have ever seen! Lots of wasted space! Probably the best part of the house is the lower level. Makes no sense. Hard to believe an architect was involved. Who was the architect?? Inquiring minds want to know.

  19. Anonymous

    First kid was delivered in nyc. Shot perps walked in the same emergency door we did. O.D.’s, cuffed people, whatever. Guess that was a trauma hospital. Next baby at Greenwich Hospital. Great. Why trash it for being that? And they don’t provide the bubbly. But the dinner was deluxe.