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More New York values


Très chic!

From the city that just this week brought you public masturbation booths, comes news that it will no longer prosecute public urination.

I personally would prefer that public pissers be dragged off to the hoosegow before puffers of e-cigarettes, but that’s because I’m an unsophisticated rube who just doesn’t get NYC values.


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When is a mud puddle a lake?

Pind walkers

Easy walking distance to Riverside School

When a realtor measures it. Years ago, my father observed to Gideon and me that a lake was a body of water you can’t see across, “unless you’re talking to a real estate agent, in which case, anything that holds water is a lake”. Inspired by the idea of such license to stretch the truth, brother Gid and I promptly dropped our ambition to become bank robbers and turned to real estate as our vocation.

All of which is prompted by this description of 17 Lake Drive, in Riveerside, which came back on the market today at the same price: $2.7 million, it was priced at when it was temporarily taken off the market over the holidays:

Enjoy an idyllic lakeside setting on a quiet crescent with approximately two acres of grass surrounding the water, and sunset views from the front porch.

All this, mind you, for a house fronting the Station Pond, a body of water 18″ deep and too short for (horse) polo, within easy earshot of the New Haven Rail Road and whose view to the west is blocked by the houses on the other side of Lake Riverside. It’s a lovely house in a great little micro-neighborhood, but I wonder if its failure to sell can be attributed to the disappointment of would-be buyers when they pull up and realize they’ve been snookered?



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Sooner or later, the organ winds down

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 7.03.53 PM

Well, darn

24 Lakewood Circle No. (Indian Drive Association, near the old Manero’s) was renovated in 1999 and sold for $2.050 million in 2 days in 2000. The owners did some more renovating and sold it for $3.495 million, full price, in 2 weeks back in 2005. And those owners did still more renovating and put it back up for sale first, in 2012, and then in 2015, at $3.795 million. They sold it yesterday for $3 million.


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Next up, a day care worker?

Andres Ayala Jr

I don’t know shit about this place, but I do drive a car, and the gig pays $160,000, so hell, I’ll give it a shot.”

Malloy fires “long-time social studies teacher” and DMV Commissioner  Andres Ayala Jr., who, in just one year, accomplished the impossible and made the state DMV even worse than before (see, what I mean, Scott?).

Connecticut’s beleaguered motor vehicles commissioner has resigned, taking the fall for an agency fraught with customer service complaints over long lines, suspended registrations and software glitches.

Andres Ayala Jr., a former state senator from Bridgeport and the first Latino commissioner under Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, survived just over a year on the job.

He oversaw the highly controversial rollout of a driver’s license program for undocumented immigrants and the much-maligned computer upgrades at the state DMV, a $63 million operation with 650 employees.

So what qualifications did this school teacher have to be appointed to the DMV Commissioner’s post, and tasked to reform what is universally acknowledged to be one of the very worst DMVs in the nation? Well, he’s Hispanic, for one, and Malloy didn’t have one of those in his administration, and there’s this:

The Ayala name is synonymous with Bridgeport politics. Ayala is a former City Council president. His aunt is the Democratic registrar of voters in the state’s largest city. His uncle is a power broker in the party.

“He wasn’t picked for any reason other than he was the most qualified person for the job”, Malloy told FWIW. “And I think my selection of such a talent shows exactly the importance I place on improving the agency. ‘The DMV and the people who work there are the face of state government. It’s what they remember. It’s the interaction that they measure us by.’ “


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He will certainly be proved wrong


Hair by Donald™

Frantz on the state of the state: “It can’t get worse than this”. 


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