More New York values


Très chic!

From the city that just this week brought you public masturbation booths, comes news that it will no longer prosecute public urination.

I personally would prefer that public pissers be dragged off to the hoosegow before puffers of e-cigarettes, but that’s because I’m an unsophisticated rube who just doesn’t get NYC values.


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16 responses to “More New York values

  1. edgewater

    that’s one way to reduce the crime rate. it works in public schools.

  2. AJ

    Even a dog has a right to pee in public; should a person have even less rights? But if some cop shows up who doesn’t understand what it means to live in a utopia, don’t you dare try to record the event or it might be you who’s getting arrested.

    • Cos Cobber

      So pulling my pants down to piss on the sidewalk is no longer a crime? The perverts and their criminal defense attorneys will have a field day. Maybe we should all drop our pants and take a piss when we see deblasio anywhere in NY. A couple weeks of such shenanigans should prove a point.

  3. Nature abhors a vacuum:

  4. Anonymous

    I don’t think they are saying that they won’t write a ticket or take action. They are looking to change the process for how it is prosecuted. About 10 years ago, my license was suspended because NY state had the wrong CT address and I never got notice of the ticket or suspension. I was pulled over in NY and was handcuffed, shuttled to a precent in Washington heights, then sent to a precent at 125th street and then sent to the paddy downtown all the time handcuffed to a chain of about 10 other people and me being the only guy in a suit. We were stuffed into a paddy wagon with only room to stand and no windows,etc.

    I spent 40 hours in jail until the judge would finally see me. My fellow inmates were drug dealers, robbery, assault to turnstile jumpers. The matter was dismissed, but I believe that public urination gets the same treatment. Arrest and time in jail until the judge can see you…quite often multiple days.

    I think they are looking to change this aspect.

  5. Walt

    Dude –
    Are you still in Maine with your head stuck up your bony little, lily white, Waspy Wasp ass? What have you been covering? DIRT!! THAT’S IT!! You
    obviously have no nose for news. You fail the news sniff test. As you do the sniff test on the chubbies you so desire. You sicken me. You pervert. But that is a discussion for another day. And Happy New Year, BTW. Did you do a skills assessment? That would take you ZERO time.

    But all you cover is dirt and terrorism. Whoopee frigging do! What about the big stories? Did you hear that GE is moving to Boston? THAT IS NEWS
    YOU CAN USE!! Why no coverage of that, Jimmy Olsen? And did you know the guy who played Jimmy in the TV series was gay? NTTAWWT. But this is a real problem for Connecticut. Not Jimmy being gay, but GE moving out.

    And it is just the start of the exodus. Dannel will raise gas taxes, put in tolls,
    increase sales taxes, put in a state wide property tax, increase fees, and tax anything else that he can. The entire state will resemble Bridgeport in ten years. The rich will flee, he will choke the middle class into poverty, and the entire state will become a slum.

    PROGRESS!! Any “progressive” who has children should be sued for child neglect. They are burdening their children with insurmountable problems. “Progressive” liberals care NOTHING about future generations. Selfish, selfish, selfish. This state, under “progressive” leadership, is headed for financial disaster. Looking at you Francis. Why don’t you love children? And I mean that seriously. It’s a mathematical fact this state is headed for failure. But I digress.

    Where was I? And what about no Negro’s being nominated for Oscars? Why didn’t you cover that? What the Negro’s haven’t figured out is complaining about not being nominated for an Oscar is “White Peoples Problems”. SO THEY HAVE ARRIVED!! If that is their biggest beef, STFU and get a job. You have arrived. If not being nominated for an Oscar is your biggest problem, you have NOTHING to complain about. So just shut up.

    But who really cares about any of the stuff you have posted? NOT ME!! Can we discuss the really important stuff? FOR ONCE!!

    The news story of the year….NAY!! OF THE DECADE!!! Was Steph being arrested for drunken driving. Did you hear about that? WHY DIDN’T YOU COVER THAT? You frigging loser.

    She obviously needs my help. She is unhappy. Married to Buddy Hackett, with two poofs running around the house? Who wouldn’t be unhappy? Who wouldn’t drink? BUT I CAN HELP HER!! In fact, I am the only person who can! She needs to substitute her alcohol addiction for a love addiction. MY LOVE ADDICTION!! That is what she is missing. I will ADDICT HER TO LOVE!!

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    She needs to move into my abode IMMEDIATELY!! For a thirty day…NO!!!…for a NINETY DAY intense detoxification session. Where we swap her obvious depression for a life of sensory inspiration!! She will no longer
    desire liquor after I lick her. And I will teach her how to back up into someone without getting arrested. Although she may get handcuffed.

    This process will also require role playing – I will furnish the attire –
    and some discipline, of course, and intense bubble bath therapy. Some face sitting of course, and intense tickle feather therapy. I am quite sure she practices anal bleaching, but I will report back after I can positively confirm.

    When I am not detoxing her, she will be allowed to have some of her hot model friends over, for nude tickle and pillow fights. No limit on how many. After all, we are not savages, and play time is important. Plus I will video tape them for her, so she can see how she interacts with others.

    This is a big sacrifice on my part, but I am willing to do it. Her happiness is important to me, so I will do this gratis. Does she read this blog, or should I just meet her at the court house on February 12th?

    Now, are these the questions I was really called here to answer? Street pissing and dirt sales? Please tell me that you have something more, Dude. Steph NEEDS ME, yet you ignore it. Please tell me the reader hasn’t pinned his hopes to a piss post and the definition of a lake. JACK DUDE!!

    And punishing public pissers probably prevents people proclaiming progressive progress. A PLUS!!

    Sorry for the long post, but this is important. You loser. And can we get a GOD DAMNED WEATHER REPORT?

    Your Pal,

    • housecat

      WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?! Sebastian the Ketamine Ninny and some Fat dude have annexed the damn blog in your absence, man. It’s not been pretty.

      • housecat

        Also, we were getting worried.

        • Walt

          Never worry. Worry never solves a problem, it only ruins today. So stop that. Fat Dude is a one trick pony, so just don’t read him. He is a bore. That is what I do. Same with AJ. He drops random irrelevant turds in every thread. Just don’t read them. The problem with him is he still posts anonymously. And all his posts are off topic and painful to read. Sebastian I don’t know.

          But the comment quality has gone down. I don’t know why. And that was the best part of this blog. The commentors were excellent. But a small invasive species has ruined that. No offense meant Dude. But it’s true.

        • burningmadolf

          Balance has returned to the universe.

        • Anon2

          I like the new voices. The new people add freshness. The old voices are like your favorite slippers- worn in and comfortable, and sometimes so comfy you fall asleep listening to them. Even Walt.

  6. Anonymous

    Maybe we’ll all get an opportunity to pee on DiBlasio’s ankle.