Next up, a day care worker?

Andres Ayala Jr

I don’t know shit about this place, but I do drive a car, and the gig pays $160,000, so hell, I’ll give it a shot.”

Malloy fires “long-time social studies teacher” and DMV Commissioner  Andres Ayala Jr., who, in just one year, accomplished the impossible and made the state DMV even worse than before (see, what I mean, Scott?).

Connecticut’s beleaguered motor vehicles commissioner has resigned, taking the fall for an agency fraught with customer service complaints over long lines, suspended registrations and software glitches.

Andres Ayala Jr., a former state senator from Bridgeport and the first Latino commissioner under Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, survived just over a year on the job.

He oversaw the highly controversial rollout of a driver’s license program for undocumented immigrants and the much-maligned computer upgrades at the state DMV, a $63 million operation with 650 employees.

So what qualifications did this school teacher have to be appointed to the DMV Commissioner’s post, and tasked to reform what is universally acknowledged to be one of the very worst DMVs in the nation? Well, he’s Hispanic, for one, and Malloy didn’t have one of those in his administration, and there’s this:

The Ayala name is synonymous with Bridgeport politics. Ayala is a former City Council president. His aunt is the Democratic registrar of voters in the state’s largest city. His uncle is a power broker in the party.

“He wasn’t picked for any reason other than he was the most qualified person for the job”, Malloy told FWIW. “And I think my selection of such a talent shows exactly the importance I place on improving the agency. ‘The DMV and the people who work there are the face of state government. It’s what they remember. It’s the interaction that they measure us by.’ “


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  1. James

    At some point there has to be a dramatic shift in politics? Never mind no one gives a shit….

    • The dramatic shift has to be NOT hiring people singularly because of their race, color, or sexual preference. The current political desire to hire based on anything but ability has undone the country.

      That said, I’m on my way to a job interview and will demand to be hired or else sue them for ageism! 🙂 I got this.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      See my comment below.

  2. hmmm

    Whatever happened to the Ayala that was being prosecuted? Did that ever go anywhere?

  3. Fatdaddy

    “Word of Ayala’s impending departure came two days after The Courant submitted a freedom of information request and questions on a subject that might have become the latest political headache involving the beleaguered commissioner: The hiring of a fellow Bridgeport resident — who pleaded guilty in 2006 of felony drug charges in Superior Court and served time in prison — as a $36,000-a-year office assistant at DMV.
    The aide, Carlos Cosme, 39, worked for two years as a $40,000 staff member of the state Democratic Senate Caucus, starting in January 2013, and then switched to DMV in early 2015 when Ayala arrived at the agency.
    Cosme initially was sentenced to 11 years in prison in 2006 on charges of possession of drugs with intent to sell, but that term was reduced and he was released in 2009 to supervised parole that ended in 2011, records show. Cosme was not available for comment Wednesday.”

    Can Connecticut survive this second Malloy term?
    GE did not think so.
    The many empty boat slips in this state is an excellent indicator. People are fleeing by land,sea and air.
    SPEAKING OF AIR… AMR is going to begin non-stops from Hartford to LA. Danny Malloy is waiving landing fees (App. $676 per flight) as an “incentive”.
    Not good for taxpayers but yet another exit from the Nutmeg State!
    They will shut down that route in two years…maybe even less.

    • Fatdaddy

      Yup. No mention was made, as usual, of the “terms” of this new service.
      Maybe he forgot that every flight will be costing the state at least $676 in revenue. Every flight for two years, when the route will be discontinued.
      Unless people start flying in to BDL for YARD GOAT games!
      Ask your reps how much the state is paying for the new stadium. Hartford is, after all, supported by the state.

      “This new flight further connects us to the world – it’s good for business and it’s good for residents,” Gov. Malloy said in a release. “Our future as a state is linked directly to our transportation system, and as we build up Bradley Airport, we are helping businesses large and small.”

  4. Fatdaddy

    “A hit-and-run driver whose actions behind the wheel claimed the life of a college senior in Greenwich in 2013 was sentenced to five years in prison in State Superior Court in Stamford Tuesday.”

    That’s it? Five years? Out in less than three…
    I have to start speeding up. My good driving skills are a negative.

  5. Libertarian Advocate

    His cousin Cristina – daughter of the Demoncrat voter registrar – was also charged with 19 counts of voter fraud, and was ultimately convicted on two counts of misdemeanor false statement charges. One year suspended, two years probation. That’s Democrat Party Values™ at work, but why should that be any surprise? Joe Ganim has just been reelected mayor of the same city after serving 8 years in various Club Feds on corruption charges over his prior FIVE terms as B’Port’s mayor. There’s some very stubborn people in that city, either that or it’s Masochist Central.

  6. Fatdaddy

    Yup. Too much time on my hands. Gonna go climb a tree, right now, in spite of the cold.

  7. Fatdaddy

    Job creation, Malloy style:

    “A lawyer recently won almost $30,000 in damages from the city of Hartford as compensation for injuries sustained when she tripped on an uneven sidewalk and fell on her face outside the city’s Superior Court building.”

    Read more:

  8. GreenITCH

    I would have winced at the idea of the head of DMV making $60k a year … but to think the number is $160k is just incomprehensible

  9. FF


    Someone has to do the job, preferably competently. Would you expect a competent professional to take that job at DMV, in Connecticut with all its costs, for $60K? It would seem that operating a company with 650 employees and a huge budget requires skills that, in the market, would pay much more. And if you want to fall back to the idea that government jobs shouldn’t pay so much because, well, because, then you have to understand that your qualified pool might be significantly less, as well as the kind of lowering of expectations that any corporate entity might understand when they are underpaying the market. In that case, you probably wind up with people who are hacks, like Ayala, unqualified friends of the Governor – whomever he or she may be at the time and place – or people looking for an opportunity to steal. You can’t have public sector results in a private sector context – and vice versa – if the circumstances aren’t identical.

    • anon

      Government salaries are sickeningly high. Add on the bennies most government workers get and that $160 becomes well over $200k.

      As for finding a pool of competent applicants, I understand that these kinds of jobs aren’t open to the general public, only those used to living large off the dole. I bet someone would and could do this job for $60 but cutting all the fat at the DMV.

      • Anonymous

        Agree with FF. You’re talking like $160k is a lot of money to do that job when I think that’s too low to offer a competent person to turn that ship around and make it right.

        • Cos Cobber

          FF, the cash compensation isn’t the issue – many state jobs pay to little on the salary front. However, this is more than offset by the lifetime of health care and pension benefits that is totally insane and unsustainable. The generous vacation and sick days is another issue.

          This 160k position should be 180k + 401k + a regular health plan instead of 160k and unlimited lifetime health and defined benefit pension which could be as high as 160k per year depending on the final vesting (avg of last 5 years for most state employees).

        • Anonymous

          It’s not a lot of money relatively, but it certainly is enough to hire someone with competence. There are talented people running organizations – school administrators, club general managers,- who don’t necessarily make more. The point is that no effort is made to find a competent person and the hiring decision is all about political payback.

        • burningmadolf

          Cos Cobber, let’s not forget the small, but hugely hilarious Retention Bonuses. As if some other entity would poach these captains of bureaucracy.

    • GreenITCH

      FF I hear the same nonsense about ” need and wanting ” to hire or elect the best and thus we need to pay politicians obscene amounts of money , with benefits ( pension and health ) that no one in the Private sector enjoys . Obviously positions ( even in leadership ) at DMV or various civil servant opportunities do not attract the best of the best . Additionally like in the private sector hire according to qualifications and ability . As opposed to placing a flunky history teacher into a position he was obviously not qualified to handle . Which further goes to the point that
      just throwing money ( as well in the form of benefits ) does not attrack the most talented . Case in point , one of our genius congressman you seem to feel should be paid ” well ” . I wont degrade anyone by naming a position that this congressman would be qualified to replace .

    • The only thing right Lowell Weicker ever did for CT was to persuade his friend (name forgotten) who was the retired head of Pitney Bowes, to bring some improvements to the DMV, which he did – there were noticeable improve rd. Unfortunately, that man eventually re-retired, and the DMV sank back to its normal abysmal self.
      I doubt you could actually afford to pay an executive competent enough to salvage this mess anything like what the private sector would, but if, say, $250,000 could persuade someone like that to take on the challenge, it’d be money well spent.

      • AJ

        Privately owned inspection centers like they have in NY would probably help. And so would privately owned DMV license renewal and car registration centers like they have in Quebec. There you go: problem solved.

  10. Fatdaddy

    “It has been announced that Gov. Dannel Malloy’s visit to Cannon Grange, scheduled for tonight, Jan. 21, is cancelled “due to weather.”

    Wait…Himes is going. The storm, if it arrives at all is scheduled for late, late Friday night or Saturday morning. I thought Danny Malloy was a tough guy, AND he does not even have to drive. His security detail handles that…
    EVERYTHING that idiot does is pathetic.

  11. Mad as hell? Have DJT insult ’em:

  12. Who is the bad guy in the lead-in-the-drinking-water scandal in Flint, Michigan? There must be a Republican who deserves the media’s blame…..
    Oh yes, Republican Governor Rick Snyder!

    Meanwhile, the truth is:

    Your media is busted, example #218,328.

  13. Fatdaddy

    “(Big Dan Malloy said)…you can make your connection in L.A. to travel really anywhere in Asia, which is extremely important to us,” Malloy said.
    The Connecticut Mirror reported that the state is waiving landing fees for American Airlines, which will cost about $238,000 annually.
    …Liliana Garcia, who moved to the United States from El Salvador three years ago to pursue higher education, was excited to hear of the new connection. ”

    Let’s be perfectly clear. Danny Malloy is spending YOUR money to get planes to land at BDL and hopefully play some KENO at the airport.

    Sheesh! Back outside and up a tree to do The Skakel before the big storm arrives!

  14. Al Brecken

    The number of inept and incompetent people in places of immense authority in the Federal Government is appalling. After observing so many of these hapless individuals in the role of witnesses before Congressional Committes struggling to avoid truthful answers that would embarrass them , I concluded that the criterion for their appointments to positions of immence power were three ; they were Democats, female , and a racially “minority”.
    An example was the dim-brained “minority” female who was director of the OPM and had to resign because of a massive security breach.

  15. Al Brecken

    “Projected Cost ” (ha-ha ) of the Springfield to New Haven rail-line; $365,000, 000 . .
    It was only20 years ago , in order to save $$$ , one of the two tracks was removed ; it’s now being restored.

    • Fatdaddy

      It will be great for the state! All the idiots who like to gamble can train it up to Springfield.
      Another Dan Malloy “vision” that becomes a state nightmare.

  16. Anonymous

    F.F. I agree about the need for good people, but running an govt. agency is NOT like running a for profit business. In business you must get capital, supply a good product, be competitive, make a profit and develop new products. At the DMV you have funding and a monopoly, The DMV job is not equal to running a 650 person for profit. Of course a for profit would never hire this S.S. teacher. It’s scary to think what he taught the kids.

  17. Fatdaddy

    Who said there is no climate change…and it PAYS!
    The felons in DC are busy passing out your tax money!

    “Bridgeport and the new administration of Mayor Joe Ganim appear to be the biggest beneficiaries of $54.2 million in federal funds awarded Thursday to Connecticut to help Fairfield and New Haven counties better prepare for coastal flooding and climate change. Ganim, who was at the White House in connection with a meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, was pulled aside and told the city was receiving about $38 million for flood control in the city’s south end, said his spokesman, Av Harris.”

  18. Fatdaddy

    “For Mayor Joe Ganim of Bridgeport, attending the 84th Winter Meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors is a return to the a national club he quit in 2003, when a corruption scandal forced him from office and sent him to prison for seven years.
    “I’m here to renew relationships,” Ganim said.”

    Mr. Fountain better get on board!
    There is money to be made in climate change.
    As for relationships…we know how they are made in the big house. Pretty much the same way as the white House, I suppose.