Sooner or later, the organ winds down

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Well, darn

24 Lakewood Circle No. (Indian Drive Association, near the old Manero’s) was renovated in 1999 and sold for $2.050 million in 2 days in 2000. The owners did some more renovating and sold it for $3.495 million, full price, in 2 weeks back in 2005. And those owners did still more renovating and put it back up for sale first, in 2012, and then in 2015, at $3.795 million. They sold it yesterday for $3 million.


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7 responses to “Sooner or later, the organ winds down

  1. Anonymous

    This house is the definition of zero character. There’s no there there except for walls, paint, and the very oddly placed kitchen island.

  2. The fountain sealed the deal.

  3. Anonymous

    For three million, I expect a stone chimney.

  4. Anonymous

    It’s Indian Harbor Association. Not Indian Drive Association. Also home to the former Trump house currently listed at $54 million located at the other end of the street but on the water and 66 Vista Drive the original Benedict Mansion built in 1884 and one of the great estates of Greenwich. Agent told them to remove all the artwork which was fabulous and whose absence made the house look sterile.

  5. Anonymous

    Love the red room and the track lighting! Otherwise a nice home in general.

  6. Greenwich Gal

    It looks like if I gave it a hard shove, it all might come tumbling down.

  7. LAK

    A black fireplace facing the staircase?
    Why is the kitchen crooked?