When is a mud puddle a lake?

Pind walkers

Easy walking distance to Riverside School

When a realtor measures it. Years ago, my father observed to Gideon and me that a lake was a body of water you can’t see across, “unless you’re talking to a real estate agent, in which case, anything that holds water is a lake”. Inspired by the idea of such license to stretch the truth, brother Gid and I promptly dropped our ambition to become bank robbers and turned to real estate as our vocation.

All of which is prompted by this description of 17 Lake Drive, in Riveerside, which came back on the market today at the same price: $2.7 million, it was priced at when it was temporarily taken off the market over the holidays:

Enjoy an idyllic lakeside setting on a quiet crescent with approximately two acres of grass surrounding the water, and sunset views from the front porch.

All this, mind you, for a house fronting the Station Pond, a body of water 18″ deep and too short for (horse) polo, within easy earshot of the New Haven Rail Road and whose view to the west is blocked by the houses on the other side of Lake Riverside. It’s a lovely house in a great little micro-neighborhood, but I wonder if its failure to sell can be attributed to the disappointment of would-be buyers when they pull up and realize they’ve been snookered?



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10 responses to “When is a mud puddle a lake?

  1. Um, yoo hoo sir. You chide people who don’t read the comments section of your posts and here you are, G-U-I-L-T-Y as charged. I posted a link to this house yesterday or the day before because it was a blog post by Hooked on Houses. Gotta pay attention man. Get with the program. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    EOS, I see you are in good form today. Let us know if you get the job.

  3. Cobra

    I recall catching turtles in that pond back in the ’50’s. In fact, I think I traded one to you, Chris, for something of actual value. I’m guessing I described the reptile as one of only a small handful still in existence.

  4. AJ

    Well, it is Lake Drive and not Pond Road, isn’t it? So, why confuse the issue: it’s a lake, and I’m sure there’s plenty of people who would agree with that assessment.

  5. GreenITCH

    May I ask were you and Gideon Realtors at this point in time .. ? just wondering if this was some sage fatherly advice or a remark about your chosen profession ?

  6. Anonymous

    We had a family debate about the distinction between ponds and lakes recently — some thought it had to do with depth, others overall size, others how it’s fed. There is apparently no real objective measure — but we can all agree that a lake this is not.

  7. Very Old Friend

    If the water is deep enough that light does not penetrate to the bottom, and photosynthesis is limited to the top layer, the body of water is considered a lake. A pond is a body of water shallow enough to support rooted plants. Many times plants grow all the way across a shallow pond.