And a slow week in real estate ends with a weak whimper

85 lower cross

85 Lower Cross Road

One pending sale reported, 85 Lower Cross Road, mentioned here several times as its price and its owner’s hopes fell. In 2005, it was priced at $2.795, in 2006, $2.495, and then in last year it started at $1.895 before finally dropping to $1.395, which seems to have been the right spot, thereabouts. Nice weekend home, but that’s about it, and too small to command a large price.

15 Cedarwood Drive

15 Cedarwood Drive

15 Cedarwood is back as a “new” listing, the time at $5.995 million. The standard-issue BSF house, it sold new to the current owner for $5.725 in 2002, had some improvements added in 2005 and was put up for sale in May, 2014, for $8.2. Now it’s less than that, and probably won’t see its original selling price, improvements notwithstanding.

Zillow, by the way, shows this as a “pre-foreclosure”, though the tax card is silent on that, so don’t necessarily take it as a fact. Zillow also mentions  curious sale from a third party to the owner for $3.6 million, but she’s shown on that same tax card as the 2002 purchaser, so go figure.

116 cutler road

116 Cutler Road

And way up on the New York border, 113 Cutler Road, built three years ago, is new to the market and priced at $3.995 million. No interior pictures, but maybe it was’t ready for its beauty shots. I haven’t seen it yet, obviously – it just came one – but Cutler Road’s a pretty tough location to get this price. Maybe this will be the exception.


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11 responses to “And a slow week in real estate ends with a weak whimper

  1. Cos Cobber

    The triangles house needs shutters (ahem Cutler) and more landscaping….two e-z fixes

  2. Anonymous

    I haven’t seen Cutler either but who is going to be ignorant enough to pay anywhere near 3.9 for a house on Cutler! That is just a crazy price.

  3. Anonymous

    FYI: The Cedarwood link thingee goes to Lower Cross (not that there isn’t anything wrong with that)

  4. Fatdaddy

    So sad…people still buying Greenwich and thinking they are special.
    I always thought the mayor of Bridgeport’s (PT Barnum) line about suckers, applied to the folks up north.
    Jerry Brown has told California, taxes will be going up, but real estate has tripled in selected markets over the last two years. And it will continue. Even I don’t mind,as there is not much for sale these days in my second home neighborhood…94118.
    How will Connecticut handle Dan Malloy’s many “visions”?
    How much pain can “special” Greenwich take?
    No problem parking my boat these days…yup, I still call it a boat.
    No problem at all.
    Connecticut suffers from a major inferiority complex. So sad.

  5. Fatdaddy

    Just say it, Anonymous… retarded.
    The name,Fatdaddy, is as honest as the day is long…sort of like the rest of the titles here.
    “Moody’s Investors Service cited the impending move as it issued a “credit negative” — not a formal rating downgrade — but rather a public statement about a development that could harm Connecticut’s financial standing in the long run.”
    Buy some premium bonds and help bail out Dan Malloy’s second term cluster-f.

  6. CT2CA

    I will have to support Fat Daddy’s CA vs CT comments (at least as it relates to taxes and real estate). We sold our home in CT (in a prime waterview but no flood zone neighborhood) in 2012. We bought a teardown in CA and between land and construction costs, spent about the same amount as the CT sale. Fast forward: house is now worth double- almost to the penny- of the CT house.

    Similarly, we just bought a 2nd home back here in CT. We paid nearly 30% less for it than the prior owner paid in 2005. Very sad actually- it is a beautiful home, in great condition, with renovated kitchen and baths and lovely water view.

    I grew up in CT and spent the first 45 years of my life there. I don’t like seeing this happen…..and the root is not just the scapegoat of Wall Street….but it is Hartford.