And the Church of England joins in


Allahu akbar, baby

Bishop of London: priests should grow beards so as to better relate to Muslims.


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13 responses to “And the Church of England joins in

  1. Mickster

    I love the first comment – “I’d rather they grew some b@lls instead!”

  2. weakleyhollow

    The jihadis must be laughing their asses off

  3. Anonymous

    Silly infidels

  4. Anonymous

    One of the Detroit unions is reaping what they have sown. Unfortunately, the children are the losers. Of course the unions don’t see it that way.

  5. burningmadolf

    Maybe they could touch a kid. Oops, sorry, wrong God Squad.

  6. Flash

    It seems there is a concept that he who throws the first stone is guilty of sin, and he that retaliates is an innocent rightfully allowed to retaliate.
    It’s like the Indiana Jones scene where the Arab(?) starts a knife fight, Indy seems to start to pull his knife but instead sees the virtue of drawing his gun and wins.
    The problem arises when both sides see the other as being 1st.

    • Funny story behind that scene: the script called for long drawn out fight between Indy and the Arab, but Harrison Ford had been sick with some exotic bug for some days and was tired nd weak. When the scene started and the bad guy pulled out his knee, Ford just figured the hell with it, pulled out his revolver and shot the guy.
      It made for a great scene, but also a lesson: when you’re tired of picking around with a pest, nuke the bastrd.