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I swear I heard this before, somewhere


red line in the sand

Oh, THAT’S what our Golfer in Chief meant!

Biden: U.S. prepared to use military force in Syria.


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This old clip is making the rounds today, for obvious reasons


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This should rise your blood pressure, if shoveling hasn’t


Here’s a sight for sore eyes: you want sore eyes, just gaze upon it and wonder

Mike Bloomberg considering running for president.

Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg is seriously considering a third-party run for the presidency and has alerted advisers to draw up a plan for success, according to a report.

Bloomberg, 73, told friends he is prepared to spend as much as $1 billion to win the White House and set a deadline of early March for making a decision, the New York Times reported Saturday.

The idea of two megalomaniac billionaires slugging it out for the right to ruin the country is amusing, but I think Mayor Mike should return to his earlier idea:

The three-term mayor has flirted with higher office before.

He conferred with his advisers and launched polls to determine his electability for the presidency in 2008 and 2012, but decided against launching a bid. He also once flirted with the idea of running for mayor of London, after pols across the pond suggesting drafting him.

If London will have him, God bless the Queen.


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Black Lies Matter

Black Lies matter

Actions speak louder than words

Detroit’s teachers shut down school system to demand higher pay. Considering that 85% of the students these “educators” are turning out emerge functionally illiterate, a few days of missed classes can only help, but the symbolism is unfortunate.


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Why Bother?

Eatig a dead horse

Eating a dead horse

Business Insider: JCPenney has a new plan that could kill Sears


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After searching the nation, Jeb finds a supporter

Barbara Bush

I won’t say, but I think Georgie Jr. may be a Sanders fan – sibling rivalry.

90-year-old Barbara Bush endorses her son. Mrs. Bush was and remains a first class act, but I’m calling a lack of objectivity on this one.


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