This should rise your blood pressure, if shoveling hasn’t


Here’s a sight for sore eyes: you want sore eyes, just gaze upon it and wonder

Mike Bloomberg considering running for president.

Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg is seriously considering a third-party run for the presidency and has alerted advisers to draw up a plan for success, according to a report.

Bloomberg, 73, told friends he is prepared to spend as much as $1 billion to win the White House and set a deadline of early March for making a decision, the New York Times reported Saturday.

The idea of two megalomaniac billionaires slugging it out for the right to ruin the country is amusing, but I think Mayor Mike should return to his earlier idea:

The three-term mayor has flirted with higher office before.

He conferred with his advisers and launched polls to determine his electability for the presidency in 2008 and 2012, but decided against launching a bid. He also once flirted with the idea of running for mayor of London, after pols across the pond suggesting drafting him.

If London will have him, God bless the Queen.


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31 responses to “This should rise your blood pressure, if shoveling hasn’t

  1. The vast chasm in the middle between Hillary/Bernie and Trump/Cruz that most of us sane people populate finally has a candidate.

  2. WCT Dude

    Bloomberg lost all credibility when he paid off the city council and “stole” his 3rd term. Remember when he said Giuliani shouldn’t seek a 3rd term after 9/11? hypocrite!

  3. If he runs, Bloomberg will ask Malloy to be his running mate, both anti-gun, and that’ll be their campaign strategy. Good luck with that outside CT and NY. The anti-gun rally in Texas will be a hoot. Will one person show up? Even NYers got left with a bad taste with his anti-soda campaign and anti-salt. He’s a dictator. He hasn’t any chance of winning. Zero. Zippo. Plus, I’ve met the guy a few times and he hasn’t ONE OUNCE of humor. Worse, he’s a lousy golfer. Trifecta of nowhere with his campaign.

    Meanwhile, over at EOS, SoundBeacher posted some pix of the snow in OG – this one should broke everyone’s heart. What a crime to such a nice car.

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    Sane is wanting to have a squeaky voiced nagging male nanny telling you how to live your life? Seriously?

  5. WCT Dude – yes and he’s a hypocrite on guns too. Always travels with armed guards but doesn’t want the little people to have them.

  6. AJ

    Bloomberg is very PC (e-cigarettes, the sodas) and anti-gun. If he were to get any votes a all, it would be from the Left, lessening the chances of a Democrat win. He’s not of the middle but the authoritarian Left: a fascist-commie.

  7. James

    I’d take trump or Bloomberg over any of these other clowns.

  8. Walt

    Dude –

    Bloomberg has a Chinamens chance in hell of being elected President. Same for Bernie. NO WAY America elects a Jew. It just won’t happen. Personally, I have no problem voting for a Jew, as long as they have conservative values. Which neither Bernie nor Bloomberg does.

    Bloomberg is also a half fag liberal. ATISWWT. He is a fascist control freak, wanting to control all facets of people’s lives. Soda, salt, guns, and probably sex. Who needs that? And Bernie is a Brooklyn Jew commie. Why aren’t any normal Jews running? But maybe there are no normal Jews left? They all support Barry, who hates the Jews and Israel. Explain that one to me? It has to be the whole Jewish guilt trip thingy. It makes no sense. It’s like corned beef on rye with mayo.

    Maybe the Jews should just be happy controlling Hollywood, and the MSM, and the financial markets, and stay out of Presidential politics, until they can run a normal Jew candidate?

    Both Bloomberg and Bernie are unelectable. Why not run Bar what’s her name? This is a Jew I could get behind:

    Can you believe she dated Leo? That poof. Plus she is on trial for tax evasion. I could make a typical Jew joke about that, but I won’t. Girls that look like her shouldn’t have to pay taxes.

    Your Pal,

  9. Anonymous

    “Saner than Trump” should be his Slogan.
    Did anyone see that train wreck Sarah Palin? I think that’s when Trump jumped the shark. What was he thinking having this Wacky, Has Been back in anyone’s campaign, let alone his?
    My guy isKasich….but he had such a petulant style during the debates that made him quite unappealing so I think he may be toast.

  10. Greenwich Gal

    I’d take Bloomberg any day over the rest of the current crop leading the polls. At least he can’t be bought. (Hillary – a self dealing, ethically challenged crook) At least he’s smart. (He actually knows stuff – unlike Trump, who’s been winging it from day one.) He knows how to manage a complex situation. Along with Giuliani, he was the best mayor NYC ever had and if you can successfully manage NYC you can handle the US.
    So, quit your whining, give up your Big Gulps and vote for Bloomie!

  11. Anonymous

    This man has my vote.

  12. Maybe George and Mike hatched this plan to take the pressure off Hilldog?

  13. Anonymous

    Trump will only run if he believes that Sanders will get the Dem nomination. Otherwise he will simply split the Liberal vote.

  14. If Bloomberg gets in, then Cruz will become the second-smartest guy in the race. In general, it’s not wise to bet against the smartest guy. However in this case, Bloomberg would be working against history, because a third party candidate has never won.

    In retrospect, Bloomberg missed his chance, which was to run as a Republican. He’s omni-competent, even though we all despise his nanny policies and his anti-gun and anti-coal policies. Take a instant to compare him to Trump: successful in business (Bloomberg, check.), successful in negotiations (Bloomberg and the teacher unions, check), proven political success in a very demanding job (Bloomberg, check), data-driven rather than ratings-driven (check), has run a larger organization (check), can earn the respect of minorities (check), is a heavy-weight rather than a TV celebrity (check).

    But Mike’s chance has passed.